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Places That Have Banned Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber pulled a Wacko Jacko when he visited Germany with his pet monkey, Mally. Now in this case, it wasn’t necessarily Justin who was banned, but his monkey. But here’s the story: Justin was hitting Germany for his Believe tour, and he was stopped in the airport because he was bringing his monkey along without the proper paperwork and permission. Justin was forced to leave his monkey with German authorities at the airport, and poor Mally was quarantined off. Justin must not have been too upset to leave his pet behind, because he never returned to pick her up! Nearly half a year later, the German authorities contacted Justin and said he owed some $11,000 in care-taking costs for his monkey, who was still being quarantined at the airport. Not cool, Justin. If you’re going to have a pet, make sure that you can take care of it.                                                                                                                                                                             9 of 15