Shocking Things You Never Knew About The Arrow Star "Stephen Amell"

He Dreams Of Hosting Saturday Night Live

While he may have mastered the art of superhero television, Amell also has aspirations of performing live in New York on Saturday Night Live. Admitting this dream to SNL alumni Seth Meyers when he appeared on Meyers’ late night show, the revelation was met with boisterous cheers from the audience, indicating fans would also like to see such an event occur. Amell has used his social media presence to make things like this happen before: his visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers came as a result his fans aggressively championing his appearance on the late night show. Although Meyers jokingly stated that the same tactics would likely not work on Lorne Michaels – who himself does not have a Twitter account – hope remains alive that we may one day see Stephen Amell up on stage with Kate McKinnon and Jay Pharoah.
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