Shocking Things You Never Knew About The Arrow Star "Stephen Amell"

He’s Become An Actual Archer

Although Arrow utilizes CGI and some great camera work to make a lot of the action scenes possible, Amell has still managed to become quite the archer. In terms of raw skill, while he may not have reached the same level of accomplishment as his onscreen counterpart, the actor has developed a talent with a bow and arrows, hoping to one day take the newfound skill to the competitive level. The actor has publicly stated that he understands how protective real life archers can be of their sport, because has seen a reduction in popularity over the years. As such, whenever a pop culture icon – such as Green Arrow or Katniss Everdeen – comes around, the actors have a responsibility to ensure that the sport is represented as faithfully as possible by an actor who will treat it with the respect it deserves. Amell has also admitted that the Zen-like focus required to excel in archery has become something that helps alleviate tension in his day-to-day life.
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