Shocking Things You Never Knew About The Arrow Star "Stephen Amell"

He’s A Family Man In Real Life

Amell plays the part of billionaire playboy so well; one would likely never expect that he’s a happily married father. On Christmas Day 2012, Amell was wed to actress Cassandra Jean; an actress herself, Jean has appeared on numerous television series ranging from Mad Men, to One Tree Hill to CSI: Miami (which her husband would also appear on in 2010). Fans may also know Jean as a former contestant from America’s Next Top Model. Amell and Jean’s daughter Mavi was born in October of 2013. In an appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael, Amell explained that Mavi is short for Maverick, a name that came to Jean in a dream. Amell initially rejected the name, but fell in love with it upon witnessing the birth of his daughter. Amell merely shrugged at the possibility that Mavi gets her name from Cassandra possibly having a Top Gun fetish, so the jury is still out.
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