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Shocking Things You Never Knew About The Arrow Star "Stephen Amell"

He's An Avid Wrestling Fan

A passionate Hulk Hogan fan ever since the 1990’s, Amell’s love of wrestling persists to this day. He has maintained a longstanding feud with professional WWE athlete Stardust over the last year; the two repeatedly mock and call each other out – both in persona and on social media – with their antagonism coming to a head at this year’s WWE Summerslam. Teaming up with pro wrestler Neville, Amell took to the ring and challenged Stardust – as well as King Barrett – to a knockdown drag out melee. The Arrow star’s stunt training kicked into high gear as he convincingly pulled off some truly impressive moves, and the match ended with Amell delivering an aerial maneuver that definitively put Stardust in his place. The two have had their differences, but earlier this month they put them aside to raise almost $300,000 for Emily’s House charity in Toronto, proving that rivalries don’t always have to be bitter. While nothing has been confirmed, fans are certainly clamoring for a rematch as soon as possible – keep those fingers crossed!
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