7 Things From the Wolverine Comics That Won't Happen in Logan

The Hulk Gang

Logan settled down, got married, had kids, and became a pig farmer with Hulk as his landlord. The Hulk Gang consisted of Hulk's offspring and they tormented the tenants and they collected the monthly payments.

Blind Hawkeye
Prior to this story, the villains united and killed all the heroes. Hawkeye, the former Avenger, was pretty much blind and one of Logan's few remaining friends. He came to Logan after the Hulks' visit asking if he'd accompany him on a road trip to make a delivery across the country.

The Spider-Mobile
In the 1970s, Spider-Man briefly had a Spider-Mobile. Why did Spider-Man need a car? It was made for him, and had special abilities. The original was more of a dune buggy. This model must have been modified at some point.

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