7 Things From the Wolverine Comics That Won't Happen in Logan

Venom Dinosaur

In the Marvel Universe, the Savage Land is a prehistoric land that exist in Antarctica. Dinosaurs had been imported but abandoned when the new owners discovered how expensive they were to feed. At some point, the Venom symbiote bonded with a t-rex.

Logan vs. the Red Skull
The Red Skull was the ringleader in uniting the villains against the heroes. After defeating Captain America, he claimed the White House and kept a trophy room full of hero memorabilia.

Logan gets shot, put in a body bag and brought to the Red Skull. When he heals and wakes up, he fight the Skull, using Captain America's shield to put the finishing touches on the evil ruler. He then takes what remains of Iron Man's armor and flies home with cash to pay the Hulk Gang.

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