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Things You Need To Know About Jeff Sessions Racism Accusations In The Past

He Allegedly Said the NAACP & ACLU Are Un-American
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When Sessions was nominated for a district court position, one of the past comments of his that was raised was in regards to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). J. Gerald Hebert, a lawyer, testified that Sessions was extremely critical of these groups.

Herbert said that during a private conservation, Sessions had labeled the NAACP and ACLU “un-American” and “Communist-inspired,” according to CNN. Sessions also allegedly said that the groups “forced civil rights down the throats of people.”

Sessions himself seemed to confirm Herbert’s statements when he said during the Senate hearings that the ACLU and the NAACP could be construed as un-American.

He Allegedly Said He Thought the Ku Klux Klan Was OK Until He Found Out They Smoked Pot
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Another witness who testified was Thomas Figures, a black man who had worked as an assistant U.S. attorney in Alabama.

Figures claimed that Sessions once said that he used to think that the Ku Klux Klan was okay until he found out that they smoked marijuana, according to The New York Times. Sessions responded to this accusation by saying that he hates the KKK and that the marijuana comment was just a joke.

Figures also testified that Sessions frequently called him “boy” and that he once told him to “be careful what you say to white folks.”

“Had Mr. Sessions merely urged me to be careful what I say to ‘folks,’ that admonition would have been quite reasonable,” Figures said, according to The Huffington Post. “But that was not the language that he used. I realize, on the other hand, that Mr. Sessions’ remark may not have been premeditated. There was a period in our own lifetimes when blacks where regularly admonished to be particularly polite or deferential, and a remark of that sort may have just slipped out inadvertently.”

He Has Said the Voting Rights Act Is ‘Intrusive’
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Sessions has on occasion been dismissive of civil rights cases and legislation, calling the Voting Rights Act of 1965 a “piece of intrusive legislation,” according to The Nation (an assertion he stood by during the 1986 Senate hearings). J. Gerald Hebert also testified that Sessions had called a white civil rights lawyer a disgrace to his race for working on a voting rights case.

“I mentioned to Mr. Sessions that, you know, this had been said that a lawyer who handled civil rights cases in Mobile was either a traitor to his race or a disgrace to his race…as I recall, [Jeff Sessions] said, well, he probably is,” Herbert said, according to The Huffington Post.

Sessions denied making this comment, saying that at most he had talked about how the lawyer was not well regarded around town.

Also, Thomas Figures testified that Sessions once spoke dismissively of civil rights cases, saying he wishes he could decline them all.

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