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10 hilarious things we learned about 'Scandal' from the cast

A familiar face returns: "We were shocked"
A fan asked about Henry Cusick (Stephen), who departed after Season 1 but who returned for Season 4 to save Olivia after she was kidnapped and auctioned off.

"We were shocked, we were so shocked. Our first question was, 'How? Is this really happening, Shonda? Have you spoken to him? Is this really going to happen?' She said she had," Washington recalled.

Stanchfield chimed in: "I had a short cry."
"I will say in terms of working with [Cusick]," Washington added, "that the one thing he and I kept saying was, 'Let's not even talk about it,' because what we really felt as actors was so similar to what our characters felt — this kind of unbelievable homecoming and relief in seeing each other and having some closure. So we kept saying, 'Let's not act, let's not talk about it, let's just be in the truth of this moment.'"

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