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10 WWE Wrestlers Who Should Make A Comeback

Gail Kim
When Mickie James returned to WWE to compete on Smackdown LIVE, people speculated as to what her role would be with the company. She has an impressive legacy, and her NXT Women’s Championship match against Asuka proved she could still go with the best of them, but fans wondered: would she swoop in to capture SmackDown gold, or would she simply put younger talent over by ‘doing the favours'?

It seems pretty clear that the latter is the way WWE went, and it’s a role that could be filled well by a lot of the names on this list, not least one of the few female wrestlers to find greater success outside of the company than within it.

As a record tying six-time TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim has earned a great deal of acclaim for her TNA Hall of Fame run with Dixie Carter, but she never reached the same level of success in WWE despite winning the Women’s title on her first night.

Although her TNA contract recently fizzled out, Kim has publicly vowed never to return to WWE, due to her feeling that they were holding female talent back. But a lot has changed since her departure - the company’s women are arguably the best they’ve ever been, and have become an integral part of WWE programming.

As unlikely as it might seem, Gail Kim re-signing with WWE would be a huge boon for either RAW or SmackDown’s Women’s divisions.

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