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12 Striking Similarities Between Trump and Hitler


When speaking publicly, Hitler was known to be a powerful, highly charismatic speaker. He pulled strongly on a combination of nationalism, patriotism and physical and political violence, and the end effect was mesmerizing for many downtrodden Germans. In many ways the entire success of the Nazi party was founded on Hitler’s appealing personality.

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Trump is a billionaire businessman, TV personality and brand who has mastered the techniques of creating a commanding presence behind the camera. His speeches, while not intellectual, are (perhaps refreshingly) blunt and sharp. In debates, he dominates the stage by bullying his opponents and capturing the best sound-bites. Like Hitler, he frequently focuses on messages that highlight patriotism and promise violence to those who he says are a threat to his country. Regardless of how you feel about his politics, you can’t deny he’s entertaining, engaging and appealing to watch.

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