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Embarrassing Pictures The Trumps Don’t Want You To See

When Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president, everyone thought it was a big joke. However, as the months passed, Trump began gaining a large group of supporters and his candidacy went from being hilarious to petrifying.

Now, believe it or not, but Trump has found his way into the White House and his calling the shots for the American people. While some people might be thrilled that President Trump beat Hilary Clinton in the race to the White House, it’s only a matter of time before they bow their heads in shame and think, “What have I done?” The sad part is, whether Trumps supporters continue to praise him or not, he is still the elected POTUS, and shall remain as so unless impeached.

Trump and his family have been in the limelight since they were born (with the exception of his wives). This is because Trump’s father had also been a wealthy business man who made the tabloids. However, since Trump inherited his father’s fortune, whether or not he has lived up to his name is questionable. With Trump’s many bankruptcies, racist and sexist comments, and divorces, it has become known that he isn’t the stellar guy he plays himself out to be — nevertheless he is now the President (gulp).

If Trump did one thing right it was raising his children to be smart, respectful, and business-oriented. As time progresses, however, his family’s good-standing is also becoming questionable.

The One With The Hair

Trump’s hair has been a discussed topic ever since he appeared on The Apprentice USA. This is because his hair style has been seen as ridiculous and off-putting, causing many people to believe him to be wearing a toupee. Although his hair might look fake, this picture says it all — it’s real. If Trump’s hair had in fact been fake, it would have blown away with the wind, however, it did not. Instead, it held on for dear life and showed the public why Trump is found of the combover — he’s partially balding on top.

When it comes to Trump, his hair is something that he holds dear. In fact, Amy Lasch, Trump’s former hairdresser on The Apprentice, stated that Trump doesn’t let hairdressers cut or style his hair, and does it himself. According to Lasch, Trump only keeps a hairdresser around on set to maintain his hairdo.

Trump’s Trust Issues

Donal Trump’s marriage to former model Melania has always been questionable, especially since their looks are on two entirely different spectrums. Although the couple have been married since 2005, their love has often been seen as a sham. This is because their marriage appears to be loveless and simply a ploy for Melania to live a life of luxury, and Trump to have something pretty on his arm. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the picture of Trump spying on his wife’s vote went viral in November of 2016, while the couple was voting in New York City.

While many presidential nominees wouldn’t think twice about their spouses voting for them, Trump had second thoughts on the matter. This caused him to throw a curious eye to Melania’s voting card, which was hilariously caught on camera.

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