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15 Facts Revealed About MMA And The UFC

Want to wow the ladies but not quite sure how to do it? Want to impress your friends, but just don't have the skills?

That sucks, dude. Sorry to hear that.

This list might not help with that, but it will fill you with some serious knowledge of MMA. Like, stuff that you probably didn't know. You'll feel smarter, and that might help the next time you get rejected by a lady. Or you'll just feel like a loser with some MMA knowledge.

Maybe you should become an MMA fighter – I've heard people want to be their friends! I know I would.

Or just challenge someone to an MMA fight. You might win.

Just duck and weave and don't pick a fight with the big guy in the corner with the crooked nose and tats on his forearms.

1. UFC President Dana White never actually had a pro boxing match. He fought as an amateur, but was never pro.

Here he is teaching a woman's boxer size class. Kind of amusing, amirite?

2. Many fighters have other jobs to make some money, and most of them end up as bouncers. Frank Mir, though, had the top notch gig of bouncing at the Spearmint Rhino.

The Spearmint Rhino is one of the most famous Gentleman's Clubs in Las Vegas, and therefore the country. Good on ya, Frank!

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