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15 North Korea Facts That Sound Made Up

A North Korean defense minister was executed with an anti-aircraft gun. 

Defense minister Hyon Yong Chol allegedly had a history of "disrespectful behavior" against Kim Jong-un's leadership and had even fallen asleep during a military rally. Last May, South Korea's National Intelligence Service reported that Kim Jong-un had him executed with the unusual weapon in response.

This apparently isn't the only instance of execution by anti-aircraft guns, which are said to "pulverize" the body, during Kim Jong-un's reign. 

The North Korean military threatened South Korea via fax machine.

In response to a 2013 rally opposing Kim Jong-un's regime in Seoul, the North Korean military sent a fax threatening a merciless attack "without any notice".  

The South Korean National Security Council responded in kind, saying they would "sternly react" to any such attacks, but North Korea's choice of technology in delivering their threats was the subject of ridicule when the story reached the American media. 

North Korea is the world's only necrocracy.

A necrocracy is a state that is ruled by a dead person, and North Korea qualifies because the nation's first leader Kim Il-sung remains its president, despite being dead for over 20 years. Officially, his title is "Eternal President" and the office of president was retired following his death. Similarly, his son Kim Jong-il was named "Eternal Chairman" of North Korea's National Defense Commission following his death in 2011.

And so, despite being its only living head of state, Kim Jong-un is technically known as the First Secretary of the Worker's Party and the First Chairman of the National Defense Commission, as his deceased father and grandfather still outrank him.

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