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6 Reasons North Korea is More Sad than Scary, Including Cannibalism

North Korea’s economy is the size of Mount Rushmore’s home.

That’s right, if you look at all the wealth in North Korea, every single dollar in existence, you have about as much in the Kim Jong-Un promise land as in the serene mountainous South Dakota. We’re not talking about California here people, we’re talking about a total GDP of 40 billion dollars. Imagine if South Dakota seceded and threatened the motherland. How scared would anyone be of that? This famous picture really says everything you need to know about the sad little place of brainwashed folks with an awful dictator that we call North Korea.
That little light sitting all by itself, that’s the capital city of Pyongyang. You scared, bro?

Cannibalism by Famine

A news report surfaced recently revealing that a recent famine has led people to kill and eat their own children. While this may have the makings of an urban myth, the simple fact is that when people starve, they’ll eat each other. We may never know the absolute truth because Pyongyang isn’t exactly quick to confirm rumors of their own population self-consuming. In any case, this is just a tragic symptom of a horrifically stifled economy and a brutal dictator. To give you an idea of how little food there is:
Kind of makes you realize why Americans are so fat. It’s not just cause we’re lazy, it’s because we’re relatively speaking, filthy rich.

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