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6 Things SmackDown Fans Need To Know About Baron Corbin

He Had A Stint In The NFL

Before he came to us in the crazy world of professional wrestling as Baron Corbin, Tom Pestock had a dream. A naturally big guy, like many others this dream was to play college football and get noticed, and eventually make it to the NFL. Only 1% of college athletes achieve this, and Pestock can include himself in that tiny percentage.

Pestock attended Northwest Missouri State University, and was an Offensive Guard. The team made it to four consecutive Division II National Championships, an achievement that shouldn't be sniffed at. After going undrafted in 2009, Pestock was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts. He would be released, re-signed and released once more before the year was out.

A short stint at the Arizona Cardinals followed in 2010, but once again Pestock was released without making it to the field. He got a hell of a lot closer than most though.

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