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6 Things SmackDown Fans Need To Know About Baron Corbin

His Reputation For Violence Came Early

My knowledge of the attributes required for the various positions in American Football is slim to say the least, but one characteristic consistently mentioned in connection with Offensive guards is aggression. It is fair to assume that all OG's have an aggressive side, but even in this ultra-aggressive world Corbin's violence stood out.

His past as a boxing and grappling champion surely helped, but stories abound of Corbin getting into scuffles on the training ground and throwing uppercuts. One old teammate went so far as say anyone caught in a scuffle with Corbin would have better luck 'buying a lottery ticket'.

This aggression would get Corbin in trouble from time to time, but it also meant that he would be treated with the utmost respect by his peers. It also made sure a transition into the squared circle was fairly smooth.

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