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6 Things SmackDown Fans Need To Know About Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin And Tom Pestock Are The Same Person

Okay, so on his days off it is unlikely that Tom Pestock puts passers-by down with the End of Days, but the character that Pestock portrays in NXT and WWE isn't something that had to be meticulously created. The biker overtones, the heavy metal aesthetics and general aggressive demeanour that we see from Baron Corbin also seems to be what one could expect from an afternoon with Mr. Pestock.

Corbin has stated in interviews that he is a big motorbike enthusiast, enjoying long drives on his custom Bomber 1600 (I don't know what that means), something he has said to do frequently with Lajon Witherspoon, the frontman for American nu-metal troupe Sevendust.

This love of heavy music got Corbin some mainstream press attention in October 2015, when a twitter beef with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor turned ugly. NXT ran a show at the Aftershock Festival, an event that Slipknot were also booked for. Corbin got in Taylor's face during his match against Samoa Joe, and was shocked when the Slipknot crooner clocked him in the chops, possibly after telling him to 'Spit It Out' or something.

Professional wrestling characters work best when they are exaggerations of the real human portraying them. Baron Corbin is no exception to this.

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