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8 Reasons Donald Trump Is Really Annoying

 Have You Read His Twitter Feed?

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 Donald Trumps Twitter feed: what an adventure, especially now that he’s thrown his signature hair-do into the 2016 Presidential Race. How about this gem from August 9, 2015: “I just realized that if you listen to Carly Fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. She has zero chance!” Donald Trump picking on, and making fun of a woman? Who would have guessed he’d ever do that? And how about this morsel from last week, “I look forward to the debate on Thursday night & it is certainly my intention to be very nice & highly respectful of the other candidates.” With all due respect to a very rich individual who is able to fund his own bid for the presidency, the loathsome delusion that leaks from his Twitter feed daily is as harmful as the waste from Fukushima.

 The Fact He’s Running For President

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 In the long run, this may serve as a necessary evil, but at present, it’s one of the most absurd things that has ever happened in the scope of American politics. There is no doubt about it, the American political system at the federal level — and trickling down to many state levels — is busted. The two party system has run its course, and needs an overhaul to such an extreme it’s not even funny. Sadly, when people like Donald Trump use their wealth to amass popularity, then lead a charismatic charge toward ideological “better living,” they’re really leading people into an abyss. Donald believes political correctness is the most serious problem in the United States, and that is a quality talking point… but try to act as the President of The United States without it. If he really wants to change things, he would do it from the private sector.

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