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8 Shocking Off-Screen Scandals Of Grey’s Anatomy Cast

Patrick Dempsey Affair Rumors
Patrick Dempsey’s exit from Grey’s after being the star for the show’s entire run was shocking and disappointing to many, but the reports that followed were even more shocking. After the news that his character was in fact killed off of the show it was reported that part of the reason was because he had been having an affair on the set of the show with a younger woman who worked on set. At the time sources told tabloids, “It was obvious to everyone Patrick was [sleeping with] her. It got very messy and emotional on set and became a huge liability.” According to those sources the alleged affair then changed Dempsey’s attitude on set and the whole situation went strongly against Shonda Rhimes’ self-proclaimed “no BS” rule causing her to cut his contract short on the show. Dempsey’s rep adamantly denied the story yet shortly after Dempsey’s wife of 15 years filed for divorce. After he was off the show and off the set it, it seems the two have been able to rebuild their relationship which points to Grey’s being some sort of factor in the unraveling of their marriage.

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