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Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Survivor

Camera Shy Contestants
Viewers watching at home might have noticed the contestants never need much time to adjust to the cameras, and for the most part, these strangers seem to pick up friendships or relationships within their tribe quickly. When former contestant Yau-Man Chan’s three year contract with CBS ended he was able to talk about the show, so he did a brief interview and divulged some behind-the-scenes tidbits. In one portion of the interview he discusses how contestants get along easily and never seem to be camera shy. He said at the beginning of each season people are extremely non-talkative and many come off as guarded because they have never been followed around by cameras before — especially because there can be up to 15 cameras around at all times! However, once a few days go by without showering or brushing your teeth, eating very little and not keeping up appearances, people become a little more comfortable with each other and tend to forget about the cameras. Contestants also realize that not everything ends up on the show. A lot of their footage goes to waste in the editing room. The only conversations that will appear on air are the ones that pertain to the storyline of the show.

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