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Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Survivor

The Challenges
Have you ever wondered how the contestants pull off these challenges with nothing but that brief description from Jeff Probst? There’s actually a lot more that goes into the challenges than what viewers see on camera. Once Jeff explains how to do the challenge, John Kirhoffer, the mastermind behind all of the challenges, does a walk through with each tribe. During the walk through the contestants are allowed to ask any questions and develop a strategy. To make sure everything is done fairly, someone from CBS standards and practices division walks along with them. Former contestant, Chan said in his interview that each challenge takes about two hours to complete and one episode is roughly three days worth of footage. Even before all of this, the show has “The Dream Team” run through each challenge twice. The Dream Team is made up of young crew members who take on small random jobs on set to get experience, kind of like interns. These people usually work on the show because they want to return for future seasons as part of the official production team. These practices are filmed as a kind of a “dress rehearsal,” giving the crew a chance to practice getting their shots and the footage can be shown to Jeff beforehand so he can properly explain the challenge.

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