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Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Survivor

Medical Treatment
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As viewers have noticed, there is always on-site medical assistance for contestants in case anyone gets hurt, and medics can be called to the scene when necessary. What fans of the show might not know is that contestants have to visit with medics before and after each challenge — they also go through a screening process before being cast on the show to make sure their health is in good shape. A medic who works on the show named Craig “Squizzy” said in an interview with Today: “During the game, though, they’re playing the game of Survivor for $1 million. So, we try to have as little to do with them as possible.” Minor injuries are apart of the game and there have been very few major injuries or illnesses that have forced people out of the show. Chan said in his interview that throughout filming of the show there are psychologists on set to monitor the contestants well-being.

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