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Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Survivor

Transporting Contestants to Locations
While filming, the producers like to add to the authenticity by showing things like the contestants walking to challenges with sticks or packs to make it seem like they traveled miles and miles on foot, but these shots are just a set up from the beginning and end of their journey. In reality, the contestants are transported on wheels or by boat from one location to the other to save time while filming. Producers like to keep these locations secret — for example in the Gabon edition of Survivor, contestants were transported in a jeep with black-out window coverings to prevent them from seeing where they were going or other parts of production like base camp. When they arrive, they are held in a waiting area until Jeff gets there and that’s when the cameras start rolling for TV. Contestants aren’t allowed to speak to one another until the cameras start rolling so that no important footage is lost.

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