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Biggest questions Republicans have to answer on tax reform

What about all the new deductions and credits Trump wants?
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The Trump campaign released proposals, associated with Ivanka Trump, to deliver tax deductions that help cover child care costs. They were pitched as help for the middle class — specifically working families. But because of the way the proposed deductions were structured, they give a lot of financial assistance to affluent families and very little to struggling ones. Trump has also spoken highly of scholarship tax credits, which would be a means to advance conservative school choice goals, including providing direct financial assistance to religious schools.

A comprehensive tax reform bill, which Trump says is his top priority, would presumably be the best vehicle with which to achieve these goals. But those goals would add to the cost of tax reform and not fit the “pro-growth” philosophy that flows from cutting marginal tax rates. The GOP’s struggle over whether to include such provisions is perhaps emblematic of the entire Trump tax reform dilemma.

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