Chinese President Forced to Watch Trump's Grandchild Sing a Song

Think about it: Your day’s already garbage because you’re trapped at this tacky Florida estate, surrounded by all 230 members of the extended Trump clan.

It’s not enough to have to suffer Trump’s inept hand dances and Ivanka’s unblinking parietal eye and Jared Kushner’s lifeless wooden doll face. Oh no—there’s more. The Kushner children have a surprise for you, whether you want it or not. That’s right. They’re gonna sing.

Billed by Ivanka as an attempt to make their guests feel “at home,” the original idea was for both Arabella, 5, and Joseph, 3, to serenade the head of state with a song called “Jasmine,” to be performed, naturally, in Mandarin.

But Joseph crapped out, indicating that at least one member of the Kushner-Trump brood may have some small shred of self-awareness. Arabella, though, plowed ahead alone, her tiny voice quavering along while Ivanka beamed.

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