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Embarrassing Pictures The Trumps Don’t Want You To See

Ivanka Trump With Paris Hilton

Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton grew up together. This is because both their fathers were successful business men who found comfort in each other’s presence. As a result of this, Ivanka has attended many of Paris’ parties, and has had to fight off the reputation that came attached with Paris. While Paris has become successful on her own terms, Ivanka has chosen to hit the books and follow in her father’s footsteps.

On many accounts, Donald Trump has commented on both his daughter’s and Paris’ looks, going as far as calling Paris ‘hot’ when she was only twelve years old. In this picture, we can see Ivanka and Paris posing for the camera, but instead of Ivanka looking gorgeous like she usually does, her face appears to be warped (blame it on the alcohol). Although Paris and Ivanka speak openly about their friendship, it goes without saying that Ivanka is probably embarrassed about this particular photograph.

Trump Looking Plump

In today’s day and age, fat-shamming has become something that occurs on a daily basis, and if there’s one person who is particularly fond of it, it’s Donald Trump. This may cause many people to raise their eyebrows, especially since Trump’s physique has always carried some extra weight. Sure, he might have been slimmer in his youth, but as time progressed Trump became a very plump man. Now I know what you’re thinking, how could someone fat-shame other people when they’re also fat? Well it seems that Trump is unaware of his body’s current state, or simply in denial.

Despite the extra weight he carries, Trump has had no problem commenting on the weight of dozen’s of people. In fact, he has called women Miss Piggy, told them that they should diet, commented on their food choices, and even called men “fat f-cks”. While fat-shamming is an evil thing to do, it’s about time that Trump took a long look in the mirror, and went on a diet of his own.

Eric Trump Taking The Backseat

While many parents refuse to comment on which one of their children is their ‘favorite’, Donald Trump has made it very obvious that beauty plays a crucial part in his life-choices. Take this picture for example, at the front of the line is Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s favorite child. While some people would want to argue the fact, there really isn’t anything to say about it. Ivanka is Trump’s pride and joy, and it’s because she is gorgeous.

Instead of having his children pose side-by-side, they have been placed in a particular order, one where Eric takes the backseat and Ivanka takes the wheel. If there was going to be an order, it should have been by age, right? This would mean that Donald Jr. would be in front, followed by Ivanka, and lastly Eric. However, it seems that looks and not age were used to depict the order of this photograph.

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