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Ewan McGregor says his Fargo character is like Trump

However, portraying the slick Minnesota parking lot king Emmit Stussy and his and downtrodden parole officer brother Ray presented some unexpected obstacles.

The actor recalls first sitting with showrunner Noah Hawley for lunch in Los Angeles after having shot Trainspotting 2 for which he got into the best shape of his life to play a junkie-turned-fitness obsessive. Hawley revealed “Ray” is heavy-set, and McGregor optimistically suggested using prosthetics and padding for the effect. Hawley looked him square in the eye, the actor recalled, and said: “You’re going to have to gain weight.” So McGregor did. Oh, and his characters’ wigs would fit better if he shaved his head — so he did that too. And of course, he has to master not one but two slightly different versions of that notoriously tricky Fargo-ian accent.

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