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6 Reasons North Korea is More Sad than Scary, Including Cannibalism

 Kim Jung Un can’t even do propaganda right.

The thing about this picture is that at first glance you think “everyone is miserable to pose for this picture,” but this is actually false. North Koreans are indoctrinated to believe that Kim Jung Un is a living God. The looks on these people’s faces is actually fear, intimidation, and well, the kind of face you make when you see someone you have been raised from birth to believe the world revolves around. As for the rest of the world, all we see is a photo of sad with a side of hate directed at Kim Jung Un’s strangely delighted smile.

The North Korean army is the 4th biggest in the world… by number of soldiers. 

While the numbers are nothing to scoff at, modern war isn’t really about how many dudes you have. Obama’s infamous “horses and bayonettes” line comes to mind because well, war has changed. A more accurate gauge of military power is the number of aircraft carriers, since these are essentially small floating countries that’s main export is devastation.
Think we got this one, guys.

The Ryugyong Hotel 

The thing about running a small country like North Korea and you know, enslaving the masses by force and propaganda, is that it’s all about looks. You want people to think that North Korea is the best country in the world and you do that by showing them. So, you build a massive hotel, the first building outside America with over 100 floors, and you say, hey, look at that everyone, aren’t things great?
Problem: North Korea couldn’t afford to finish it. And there it stood for over ten years, uninhabited and hideous. Not exactly the testament to North Korean might and economic progress that the powers-that-be hoped it would be. Read more about the fascinating story here.

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