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Scarlett Johansson Calls Ivanka Trump 'Cowardly'

The actress acknowledged it’d be pretty weird to be Donald Trump’s daughter right now and have your husband in charge of things like foreign policy in the Middle East.
Scarlett Johansson blasts 'cowardly' Ivanka Trump at Women's Summit
I can’t imagine how complicated it must be to see your parent in this sudden position that he is in, and know deep down, that it is a position that he never really wanted, and now he is in this position, and he finds himself there and I think it must be — as a daughter, and someone that looks up to a parental figure like that — it must be a unique and strange thing, but she has an opportunity to really make a big impact just by being vocal. I have met her several times in the past, and many years ago, and we both grew up in New York, and we have some friends in common, and she is a very well-spoken and smart, intelligent woman, and I think engaging … but the whole situation baffles me.

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