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8 Reasons Donald Trump Is Really Annoying

 Leading The “Birthers” Rally Cry

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 Remember when people became so obsessed with wanting Barack Obama out of office that they jumped onto a platform, and shouted that his birth certificate was fraudulent, and that he wasn’t really born in America? Guess who was leading that charge? And how was Donald Trump leading that charge? With froth on his jowls. This guy demanded that Barack Obama produce his birth certificate from Hawaii, or be impeached. Of course, President Obama fired back with some most excellently-timed verbal slams of The Donald. Little did everyone know that such provocation would lead to what we now have to endure: a Real Estate mogul trolling the political process in the United States. Fair enough, our political system deserves a good trolling, but not from this guy.

 He Never Really Says Anything

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  Have you noticed that Donald Trump has expertly identified all of the problems in the United States, and is angrily talking about how they must be changed? Has he ever offered a solution to anything he has said, other than suggesting that he’ll build a huge fence at the Texas/Mexico border? He talks, and talks and talks, and loves to hear himself talk, but he never really says anything. He makes claims akin to a child suggesting that he’ll build a 10,000 piece model house out of Legos, but never really says how it’ll happen. Regarding his other ventures, Donald’s celebrity head has swelled due to success of shows like The Apprentice, yet he should be quickly reminded that people also tune in weekly to Keep Up With The Kardashians.
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