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Embarrassing Pictures The Trumps Don’t Want You To See

 An Unhappy Looking Melania

It is common for the First Lady to be nothing but smiles on the day of her husband’s inauguration. However, when it comes to Melania Trump, many have viewed her grim expressions as a plea for help. It is not secret that Melania is not First Lady material, but during Trump’s inauguration it became painfully obvious that she was dreading the job. In Melania’s defence, she probably stood by her husband during his candidacy with the reassuring fact that he would never be sworn into office — a thought that many other Americans also believed to be true. Sadly, Trump won the election and has made the Oval Office his own.

During Trump’s inauguration, Melania could be seen faking smiles, only to turn around and look like she was living in a nightmare. Because of this, First Lady Melania Trump has become an internet sensation, and people have begun using the hashtag “Save Melania”.

Barron Trump, Bored As Usual

Barron Trump was born in 2006, one year after his parents were married. While the boy might be a spitting image of his father, Donald Trump, you cannot deny that he shares some similarities with his mother, Melania. Barron, who has also become an internet sensation, is famous for his looks of sheer boredom. Throughout Trump’s candidacy, Barron can be seen yawning and looking miserable on many different accounts. Sure, the boy might only be 10 years old, but would it really kill him to smile every once in a while? At his age, I’m sure he’s dreaming of playing video games and getting out of his First Boy duties, but sadly he’s in for a long ride.

Barron Trump’s obvious boredom and general unhappy look is something that he must have inherited from his mother, as both Melania and Barron can be seen looking grim during countless events. In fact, just looking at Barron’s face is enough to make you want to yawn!

 Eric And Donald Jr. Go Hunting

While many of us believe that Donald Trump raised his children to be intelligent and kind, it has become obvious that we were wrong. If looking at this picture of Trump’s oldest sons holding up a dead leopard with pride doesn’t give you the creeps, you might need to go get some help. When asked about his sons’ hunting pictures, Trump defended them by saying that they love hunting, and seemed proud of their latest killings.

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have been hunting for many years now, and even fly all the way to Africa to find their game. In fact, Trump’s sons have been seen smiling over dead animals, and even cutting off elephant tails and holding them up to the camera while laughing. Instead of feeling remorse for killing these majestic animals, Donald Jr. and Eric go after endangered species and appear to have no conscience whatsoever.

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