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What Trump Could Learn From Watching Underground

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge
“First of all, I hope he watches the show [laughs]. He ran his campaign based off of the slogan ‘Make America Great Again.’ The question I have is: What time are you talking about America being great? Because it’s never greater, even though we have a progress left still to go, it’s never been a greater time. [Prior to] the Obama administration, a lot of people were forced to confront issues of sexism, racism, segregation, all these [issues], and we had to deal with those and heal those issues. So when you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ you’re talking about a time where individually white americans were the majority in power.
“Look at our show and look at the mistakes that we do not want to recreate. Look at our show and understand the actions that you take look like a very symmetric representation of the mistakes of the culture in the past that believed in segregation, and subjugation, and degradation, and dehumanization. So look at us as a representation of what not to do, because right now you’re on the wrong path in terms of how to lead America [in] the way we need to go.”

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