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Most Insane Star Wars Fan Theories That Are Too Good Not to Be True

Tatooine is the last place Darth Vader would look for his son

So yeah, about that whole "Leaving Luke on his father's home planet with his last name intact." On the surface, it seems like the worst idea ever. Pretty much every other place in the galaxy would have been a better choice than the planet Anakin Skywalker was raised on, from Alderaan to Dagobah to Stewjon. Tatooine is the one place we know for sure Darth Vader is familiar with.
Then again, we do know Anakin's feelings on sand.

According to a fan theory, Obi-Wan picked Tatooine for a hiding spot because of how unlikely it would be that Vader would return there. He hates sand, yeah, and that can't have improved after he became half-robot, but think about how much pain he associates with the planet. He was raised as a slave on Tatooine, his mother died on Tatooine and he slaughtered a bunch of Tusken Raider babies on Tatooine. His only fond memory of the place is probably the pod racing, and that's mostly because it made for a really rad Nintendo 64 game. Going to the Dark Side means taking the path of least resistance, and the easy way out does not involve confronting your traumatic childhood on your home planet.

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