One Image Is All It Takes To Hack Your WhatsApp & Telegram Account

How to save yourself from getting hacked.

How to save yourself from getting hacked.
Here are some tips:    
1. Don't download any file shared by an unknown number.
2. On receiving any WhatsApp text from an unknown person, make sure it is someone you know.
3. Don't click on random links over WhatsApp or anything. 
4. Never share your profile picture or status with the public. Always keep your privacy.
5. Enable passcode pin on WhatsApp; there is an option in the new variant of WhatsApp which allows the user to maintain a passcode. In case the user's account gets activated on any other device, the user will need to enter the passcode and only then the user will be able to access his/her account. 
6. Don't share your number with unknown people.
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