Then & Now Pictures Of American Civil War Places Will Give You Goosebumps

Then and now pictures are always mesmerising to watch; it brings back old memories and moments that we never want to forget. The places we walk, the lands we've known since our inception has witnessed everything about us. We only live once, but these nations have lived trillions of time and died. We may come and go, but the land remains here... forever!
It is the land of graves, the land where kids watched the largest battle in the US history. The land where the last gunshot was fired almost 150 years ago. Photographer David Levene travelled across beautiful sites of the United States of America that hide the horror of the past.

Then | Picture of Antietam Dunker Church.

Then | Picture of Antietam Dunker Church.
Dead Bodies captured on September 1862 at the Dunker Church in Antietam, Maryland.

Now Antietam Dunker Church looks like this.

Now Antietam Dunker Church looks like this.
America has witnessed many civil wars, and the battle of Antietam is famously known as the bloodiest single day battle in the American history. 

Then & Now of Ford's Theatre.

Then & Now of Ford's Theatre.
In April 1865, the president box had witnessed something that still sends chills down the spine to everyone whoever visits here. The great president of the US, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in this box only by the actor John Wilkes Booth.
The theatre remained closed for more than 100 years until it re-opened in 1968 as a historic site, and working stage.
Well, this was the exciting time travel, wasn't it?
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