What is #Breaking2? and Who Are three runners attempting the sub-two marathon, Everything You Wanna Know

Three elite runners will attempt something experts predicted will only happen in 2075. 

For the average runner, the thought of completing a marathon in two hours is unfathomable. For elite runners, this is the pinnacle of achievement. It’s not happened to date, but progression in sports science means that athletes have been getting closer to that mark. The current world record, set in Berlin back in 2014, is two hours, two minutes, 57 seconds. It’s held by Kenya's Dennis Kimetto and when he set it, it was a whole four minutes faster than the previous record from 1998. Before that, the marathon world record had been stuck at 2:06:50 since 1988.

Four minutes. What can an ordinary person do in four minutes? It seems like so little time, but for top athletes, it might as well be a whole turn around the sun.

This weekend, three elite runners will try and shave those final few minutes off the clock. It is an incredible effort of human ability. To achieve their target, runners will have to run 4:34 or faster per mile (1.6km). To put into context just how small seconds are, Kimetto's record was run at 4:41 per mile. Everything is fractional.

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