What is #Breaking2? and Who Are three runners attempting the sub-two marathon, Everything You Wanna Know

Does anybody actually have a chance?

The majority of experts say “no way”, but if anyone is going to do it, it’s going to be Kipchoge.

Where is it taking place?

The runners will run about 17 laps of a 2.4km loop that forms part of the Monza F1 track in northern Italy.

scientists suggest that the following three factors play a role when it comes to running:  oxygen consumption, lactate threshold, and running efficiency. Two out of three can be improved through training. Train at high altitude and your oxygen consumption will be better - which is why it's hardly a surprise that the three runners are all from high-lying areas.

Nike has made every effort to ensure that every single detail has been controlled to ensure the perfect race. That includes the training and the energy efficiency of their runners. A team of scientists has made recommendations on how much, when and what sort of food each runner should consume to help them get through the race. 1

Data on what exactly happens to the physiology of marathon and ultra-marathon runners in the latter part of their races are also not understood fully yet. Studying this in lab-conditions do not always translate into the field.

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