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Why do 'The Bachelorette' producers hate Rachel Lindsay?

Diggy is kinda cute, though, right? Well, sorry, he's a total dou**ebag.

The franchise should be in crisis mode after recent tragic events. Former Bachelor Chris Soules was behind the wheel in a fatal car crash, and though the incident seems to be a freak accident, Soules certainly had warning signs in his past. Soules has string of alcohol and driving-related arrests on his record, and his history calls into question the thoroughness of the background checks producers conduct. This is a dude they presented as the ultimate catch, a farmer with a heart of gold, but his past certainly isn't as squeaky clean as Bachelor Nation had you believing.

And sure, the premise of the show, that you can know someone at all after a few short weeks being shuffled around the globe and bending at the will of a bunch of people in headsets looking for ratings, is flawed. But it really doesn't have to be this bleak.

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