Republicans shows that not having a Trumpcare plan is more favoured than having one

Yep, the replacement plan—the one that caused so much angst and negotiating and infighting—only got 43 votes.

The most surprising flip-flop for today was from Alexander, who had this analogy: “Pilots like to know where they’re going to land when they take off, and we should too.” Given that this whole process is a sham to get to conference where Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will write whatever they want, that’s pretty rich. He—and the others—should not be let off the hook for allowing this fiasco to go forward with the vote to proceed cast on Tuesday.

Work, or just a lot of hanging around and quorum calls, continues in the Senate with the vote-o-rama expected to start Thursday. The amendments are already piling up, and Democrats aren’t going to make this easy for Republicans. 

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