Betty White, 94, is being sued by live-in employee of over 20 years for 'unpaid wages and lack of breaks'

Maynard claims that she worked six days a week and was not given proper wages or uninterrupted meal periods, according to CBS.
Golden Girls: The caset (pictured clockwise from left) Rue McClanahan played Blanche, Betty White played Rose, Estelle Getty played Sophia, and Beatrice Arthur played Dorothy on the classic show
She also claims that she was not given all of her wages or her vacation pay after she left the job, according to the complaint.

Maynard is asking that the court give her all wages owed, as well as penalties and attorney’s fees.

She also wants to file an injunction to stop White from making future violations.

NBC's The Golden Girls was on TV more than 30 years ago and Betty is the last living member.

Betty White played Rose, Estelle Getty played Sophia, Rue McClanahan played Blanche, and Beatrice Arthur as Dorothy on the classic show. 

A television staple since the medium's inception, Betty made her first TV appearance in 1949's Hollywood On Television and went on to co-star in hit sitcoms like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls in later decades.
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