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Tom Price is giving back just $52,000 after he spent more than $400000 on private jets

Following giant public grievance for his frequent use of taxpayer-funded personal jets, consisting of from President Trump himself, Secretary of health and Human services Tom price plans to individually pay back the government for his travelling charges, he announced Thursday. price also said that he's going to formally stop his excessive use of charter flights to conduct each respectable and private enterprise across the united states.

In a statement released on Thursday, Price noted, "Today, I will write a personal check to the US Treasury for the expenses of my travel on private charter planes. The taxpayers won't pay a dime for my seat on those planes." He will pay about $52,000 for the travel costs of one person, NPR reported. The flights he chartered reportedly cost $400,000.

in line with an investigation performed with the aid of Politico, that take a look at may need to cover the hefty sum of $400,000. The research located that price has traveled on charter flights at the least 24 instances since may, even though plenty less expensive commercial options were available. price's choice to pay the federal government returned for his high priced taxpayer-funded tours comes simply one day after President Trump hinted that he may be thinking about getting rid of price from his position within the cabinet due to his actions.
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