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Trump's new best friend is the MyPillow foundersuper

Minnesota businessman spends weekend at Mar-a-Lago talking politics.

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell took a break when he chatted with the Supreme Commander of Mar-a-Lago with an F-rating from the Better Business Bureau on the Easter weekend.

Trump told Lindell to use one of the Minnesota company's products

"The President shook my hand and said to me, 'You're doing a wonderful job, Michael.'
Donald Trump at the White House.

MyPillow had to settle a case of nine lawyers in the California district for a million dollars.

The pillows that are mostly online or sold through TV commercials were also the subject of a lawsuit alleging that the headrests had health benefits.

Lindell went from super  addict to slumber millionaire whose cushion empire was upgraded by h eavily advertising on Fox News – one of the President's favorite networks.

Lindell himself was a staunch advocate of the network and its personalities.

Lindell, seen with Trump in July, said he chatted with the president in Florida over the weekend.

Lindell, founder of Chaska-based MyPillow, joined the president and other supporters for dinner Saturday.

While other guests at the Florida estate reportedly spent the weekend pressing the president to take a harder stance on issues like immigration, Trump and Lindell focused on softer topics.

Lindell was a guest of the President at a July 2017 White House event for US-American makers, during which the businessman put one of his pillows on the table.

The Better Business Bureau of Minneapolis and North Dakota think differently.

In January 2017, the Trade Supervisor revoked MyPillow accreditation – categorizing his rating to an "F" that still exists.

"Michael was a supporter of ours right from the beginning, which I really appreciate," Trump said in July. "It's good to see you here. It's fantastic. And I actually bought a couple of pillows, and they're very good."

Lindell also took to Twitter to say that he, unlike some other advertisers, would not be yanking MyPillow ads from Fox host Laura Ingraham's program after she taunted a survivor of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

Lindell said he and his girlfriend, who asked not to be identified, traveled to the Trump estate for dinner Saturday. The food, he said, was "awesome.

MyPillow had misunderstood the sale in a "buy-one, get-one-free" bid, the consumer rights group said.