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Pizza delivery man detained by ICE after delivering to military base: report

It’s another day, which means there is another horrific story of an undocumented immigrant being terrorized and punished for trying to make a living.

Villavicencio, a 32-year-old employee of a Brooklyn restaurant a pizza delivery man was arrested last Friday after a soldier at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn called immigration officials on him.

Sandra Chica, the delivery man’s wife, told the newspaper that her husband, Pablo Villavicencio, went to the military base to deliver a pizza order. When he arrived, an officer on duty asked Villavicencio to present valid identification. Villavicencio was carrying his New York municipal ID with him, as he had on past delivery trips to the military base, according to local officials. But this time, the soldier on duty called immigration officials to arrest him.

Chica, who is an American citizen, said she met Villavicencio five years ago, got married and now have two daughters. In February, they began to apply for Villavicencio to get residency status.
A spokesperson for ICE in New York  Villavicencio's application for a green card does not protect him from deportation.
“There aren’t any words that can define the drama that my daughters and I are living,” Chica said. “From one moment to the next, life changed for us and all I ask for now is for them to not deport my husband, to give him an opportunity.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams (D) and City Council Member Justin Brannan (D) — who both represent Fort Hamilton — are expected to ask for answers concerning Villavicencio’s arrest, Kings County Politics reported.

Activists have called for Villavicencio to be released, for an investigation of the military base and for the base to stop collaborating with ICE, El Diario reported.