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Trump says North Korea summit will happen after all

U.S President Donald Trump says the scheduled June 12 summit with North Korea in Singapore will go ahead.

After a period of time of  hard-nosed  bargaining, diplomatic gamesmanship and no shortage of theatrics, President Donald Trump announced   Friday that the historic nuclear-weapons summit he had canceled with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is back on.

The June 12 meeting in Singapore, the first between heads of the technically still-warring nations, is meant to begin the activity of ending North Korea’s nuclear program, and Trump said he trust Kim is committed to that goal.

 The announcement puts back on track a high-risk summit that could be a legacy-defining moment for the American leader, who has matched his unconventional deal-making style with the mercurial Kim government.

We are going to deal and we are really going to start a process, Trump told reporters on Friday. “Remember what I say, we will see what we will see.

The Kim Yong-chol was greeted at the White House by chief of staff John Kelly and then whisked into the Oval Office. He is the most senior North Korean to visit the White House in 18 years, a highly symbolical  sign of easing tensions after concern of war escalated amid North Korean nuclear and missile tests last year.

Trump said to reporters he had not  yet read the letter from the North Korean leader and added with a smile, “I may be in for a big surprise, people .” But minutes earlier, he had described the note as “a very interesting letter,” and teased journalists about revealing its contents.

Trump has promised that he will provide security for Kim and his government in return for giving up the nuclear program. He also indicated that South Korea, China, and Japan would be prepared to invest in the North to boost its besieged economy.