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Breathtaking Bridge In Vietnam Looks Like Scene From ‘Lord Of The Rings

Something amazing has recently been built near Da Nang, Vietnam – the incredible Golden Bridge. Standing at 1,400m above sea level and overlooking the Ba Na Hills, this bridge looks like it’s straight out of The Lord Of The Rings.

The giant stone hands hold up a 150m long walkway lined with beautiful purple chrysanthemums and offer a breathtaking view. The design was created by a company called TA Landscape Architecture. At first glance, one might think the hands are made of stone, but they are in fact not: “We designed the skeleton of the hands and covered them with steel meshes.

The bridge is a part of a $2 billion investment, aiming to attract more tourists to the area.

A bridge outside Da Nang in Vietnam is leaving visitors speechless with its grand, Lord of the Rings-esque design. 

The bridge, seemingly held in place by two giant stone hands, has become somewhat of a modern must-see for people across the world.
Vietnam has encountered a tourism blast as an ever increasing number of individuals find the magnificence of this noteworthy nation.

Stone hands may look worn, the bridge is actually new having opened in June.

A short clip of Incredible bridge in vietnnam

People seem to love this surreal bridge

Would you like to take a walk on this incredible bridge?

people are discovering the beauty of this country !

What’s more, reaches out for just about 150 meters

Known as the Golden Bridge, it stands 1,400m above ocean level over the Ba Na slopes

this bridge in Vietnam is wowing guests with its exqisite outline !