Daily American Buzz: Coolest
When it comes to stunning and surreal landscapes, look no further than Southern China's rice fields, amazing rice fields which appear more like abstract paintings than actual photographs.

It might sound like a completely 'out there' idea, but development of a wearable drone camera has begun and it looks as awesome as it sounds. The drone which can be worn around the wrist will be capable of taking off whilst you are wearing it, flying away, taking an epic selfie and then flying back again. 

The Nixie is currently a finalist in Intel's competition that is encouraging the development of new wearable technology which is where the future seems to be heading. The Nixie is still in development so it's still a little rough around the edges, but we can see that the potential is huge.
We can already see a huge divide in opinion over this device, but for those addicted to selfies and people that love taking pictures we can see this being a real hit. Lets hope it becomes available to buy soon.

Artist Calvin Seibert uses sand in order to create architecturally inspired sculptures and geometrically precise shapes that will leave you in amazement. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture the professional sculptor creates sand sculptors so perfect they'll leave you wondering why you ever bothered with your bucket and spade as a kid.
What you see below is just the latest works that make up a much larger collection of sand sculptures.

What former IBM Engineer Eelco Roos did will leave most people jealous. Many people dream of waking up one day and spontaneously deciding to change their entire life for the better, but for Roos that dream became a reality. Working for a specialist at IBM in Amsterdam for 10 years, Roos's time was increasingly taken up by his freelance photography work which is what eventually prompted him to go full time.
Since then he's worked with the likes of Samsung and Sony as well as many tourism agencies. His job has seen him travel all around the world, something that he shares with his nearly half-a-million followers on Instagram.

When you think of Norway, your mind probably conjures up images of the amazing landscapes and stunning scenery, but it probably doesn't picture the architecture. Dotted around the Norwegian countryside are tiny buildings that look as if they belong in a fairytale, surrounded by bridges, streams and natural waterfalls.


Photographer Navid Baraty takes spectacular photos from the rooftops of buildings around New York, revealing a hidden symmetry to the city that would otherwise go unnoticed. This time, the photos you see below were taken from an impressive height of 630 feet on 1095 Avenue of Americas skyscraper.
Without using a tripod he was able to stick his arm over the edge of the rooftop and capture these images that show how other buildings, rooftops and the city streets all perfectly line up.
Source: navidbaraty.com