When Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president, everyone thought it was a big joke. However, as the months passed, Trump began gaining a large group of supporters and his candidacy went from being hilarious to petrifying.

Now, believe it or not, but Trump has found his way into the White House and his calling the shots for the American people. While some people might be thrilled that President Trump beat Hilary Clinton in the race to the White House, it’s only a matter of time before they bow their heads in shame and think, “What have I done?” The sad part is, whether Trumps supporters continue to praise him or not, he is still the elected POTUS, and shall remain as so unless impeached.

Trump and his family have been in the limelight since they were born (with the exception of his wives). This is because Trump’s father had also been a wealthy business man who made the tabloids. However, since Trump inherited his father’s fortune, whether or not he has lived up to his name is questionable. With Trump’s many bankruptcies, racist and sexist comments, and divorces, it has become known that he isn’t the stellar guy he plays himself out to be — nevertheless he is now the President (gulp).

If Trump did one thing right it was raising his children to be smart, respectful, and business-oriented. As time progresses, however, his family’s good-standing is also becoming questionable.

The One With The Hair

Trump’s hair has been a discussed topic ever since he appeared on The Apprentice USA. This is because his hair style has been seen as ridiculous and off-putting, causing many people to believe him to be wearing a toupee. Although his hair might look fake, this picture says it all — it’s real. If Trump’s hair had in fact been fake, it would have blown away with the wind, however, it did not. Instead, it held on for dear life and showed the public why Trump is found of the combover — he’s partially balding on top.

When it comes to Trump, his hair is something that he holds dear. In fact, Amy Lasch, Trump’s former hairdresser on The Apprentice, stated that Trump doesn’t let hairdressers cut or style his hair, and does it himself. According to Lasch, Trump only keeps a hairdresser around on set to maintain his hairdo.

Trump’s Trust Issues

Donal Trump’s marriage to former model Melania has always been questionable, especially since their looks are on two entirely different spectrums. Although the couple have been married since 2005, their love has often been seen as a sham. This is because their marriage appears to be loveless and simply a ploy for Melania to live a life of luxury, and Trump to have something pretty on his arm. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the picture of Trump spying on his wife’s vote went viral in November of 2016, while the couple was voting in New York City.

While many presidential nominees wouldn’t think twice about their spouses voting for them, Trump had second thoughts on the matter. This caused him to throw a curious eye to Melania’s voting card, which was hilariously caught on camera.

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In the years to come, when history looks back on the four (and please God only four) years of the Trump presidency, bookish academics will — for obvious reasons — push the glasses up on their faces and refer to his as the “Twitter presidency.” More than any other Commander in Chief, 45 is keen to express himself in bald terms via the social media outlet. He’s a borderline addict, never stopping to sift his words through any kind of filter before he takes to Twitter to ignite rage in 140 characters or less. Fortunately for America, Twitter is also home to a legion of people who are just keen to put the Donald back in his stupid, stupid place. For every lame Trump post, there are five notable people who’ve taken to Twitter to let Trump know he’s a moron. Judging by the A-plus performance he gave himself recently on Fox and Friends, he isn’t hearing the critiques. We are though, and they’re hilarious. Here are some of the best.


JK Rowling has been poking fun at Trump since his run for the presidency stopped being a joke and became frightening. Fortunately the Harry Potter author (and all-around kickass writer) is wonderful at eviscerating 45.
Jk Rowling
  In today’s America, we’re on the precipice of a really dangerous backslide. In the time since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, incidents of overt racism have soared. Threats against the Jewish community are up drastically. One Senator made remarks that were lauded by a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. In short, things in the United States are bad and they’re not looking up … at least for four more years. It’s a story that’s all too commonplace for minority residents of the US, one that’s been woven into the fabric of American society since the country’s birth. Take, for example, one of the nation’s darkest time periods, the Jim Crow era, a period of more than 75 years in which there were laws on the books that enforced segregation and the general oppression of nearly half of the United States’ citizens. Though the times (and targets) have changed a little bit, there are still policies in play that seem to have been recycled from the Jim Crow era.


In spite of the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment, the two Constitutional add-ons that were meant to level the playing field for America’s minorities and former slaves, things still weren’t very equal. In 1875, however, the Civil Rights Act was narrowly passed in order to insure that the South’s former slaves were properly integrated into American society. Then, in 1883, the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 wasn’t Constitutional, because, a) the Thirteenth Amendment protected citizens from institutional slavery, but not institutional bigotry, and b) that the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed minorities the right to Federal equality, but the states had their own say on how everything else was handled. In short, the Federal government washed its hands of the nation’s minorities for the next several decades until the Supreme Court stepped in once more to make things right.
Civil Rights
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Tiffany was just six when her parents officially divorced in 1999 after a two-year separation. Actress Marla Maples and Donald Trump had been married for six years, following a high profile affair that effectively ended Trump’s relationship with his first wife, Ivana. Though the end of the marriage was reportedly rocky, Maples herself has never publicly bashed Trump, even calling him “vulnerable” (in a positive way).

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We try hard to be positive when compiling these lists. Some come across a little mean-spirited, or negative, but readers should understand the responsibility resting on the shoulders of celeb magazines and blogs: sometimes people need to be taken to task when they’ve served as a cultural and/or societal drain. Donald Trump is one of these people. Sure, he’s hitting the nail on the head regarding political correctness which has run amok, but that’s not a pass to be a jerk at any or all times. Here are 8 of the most annoying things about The Donald.

 When He Opens His Mouth

Andrew Cline / Shutterstock.com
 Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, you realize there’s a good chance your face will end up in your hands. For people who are new to Donald’s antics, there is a shock comedy factor that will garner some big laughs, but for the rest of us who are tired of his shtick, it gets exhausting to hear someone spout nonsense each and every time they speak. Donald is obsessed with the idea that he tells it like it is, when, in fact, he calls it like he sees it. There is a huge difference between the two. Monster disparity. Donald gathers talking points from extremes, and panders them as status quo. It’s definitive absurdity and ridiculousness, which is why he’s being ridiculed right this very second.

 The Rosie O’Donnell Feud

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
 What are you doing, Donald? Was your childhood so awful, that you have to take below the belt shots at people who criticize you in the media? Can you not simply be the smarmy guy who says things like, “I’ll be sure to consider your opinion while I’m flying in my private jet,” or, “Your criticism has really changed my ways. No excuse me while I dry my tears with this stack of Benjamins.” Rosie poked Donald with a stick back in the day, when she was on The View, and Donald took exception, and said terrible things about Rosie, calling her a fat pig and telling stories how she was a guest at his wedding and ate like a pig. Really, Donald? At your wedding reception, that’s what you did? You watched Rosie O’Donnell eat? Something about these claims don’t exactly ring true.
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Since World War II, it’s almost cliché for people in power to be occasionally compared to Hitler by their political rivals. In reality these comparisons have never measured up, as no one has come close to the absolute evil that was personified by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime. In spite of this, it is important for us to look closely at our leaders and potential leaders because if we can spot the signs of another Hitleresque politician and stop him before he ascends to power, that is a very worthy goal (check out comedian Louis C.K.’s recent rant on this, Bill Maher’s send up, or even conservative Glenn Beck’s cautionary words.) So bearing this in mind, do you think that there are too many similarities between Trump and Hitler?


Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s problems including their loss in World War I and their economic crisis in the 1920s. As a “solution” to this, when he was coming to power, he promised to banish the Jews from society.

In parallel, Trump constantly uses xenophobic references and promises discriminatory policies towards minority ethnic groups. He states that Muslims are a threat and promises to do what he can to keep them out of the country and away from American society. He also blames much of America’s job shortage and economic problems on immigrants from Mexico and Latin America and has famously promised to build a wall to keep them out — and make them pay for it to boot.
Trump's wall

Trump and Native
Lights went out at the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday after an unplanned power outage, the National Park Service said.
Lights went out at the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday after an unplanned power outage, the National Park Service said.

Web cameras that normally show the Liberty Island icon fully illuminated by 10:30 p.m. Tuesday showed only her torch and a handful of other lights.
Web cameras that normally show the Liberty Island icon fully illuminated by 10:30 p.m. Tuesday showed only her torch and a handful of other lights.

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Looks like Kylie Jenner has already moved on...
Yes, she has found her new love and he is again a rapper. They both are recently spotted hugging and smooching.
It's been only a few hours that the news of Kylie - Tyga's break up spread like a fire. Again an exclusive news of Kylie's new love is taking the Internet by storm. Don't you want to see who that fortunate guy is?

Kylie had been facing issues with Tyga and she recently broke up with him!

Kylie had been facing issues with Tyga and she recently broke up with him!
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On that one toke too many 
On that one toke too many:

On Fear

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Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge
“First of all, I hope he watches the show [laughs]. He ran his campaign based off of the slogan ‘Make America Great Again.’ The question I have is: What time are you talking about America being great? Because it’s never greater, even though we have a progress left still to go, it’s never been a greater time. [Prior to] the Obama administration, a lot of people were forced to confront issues of sexism, racism, segregation, all these [issues], and we had to deal with those and heal those issues. So when you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ you’re talking about a time where individually white americans were the majority in power.
“Look at our show and look at the mistakes that we do not want to recreate. Look at our show and understand the actions that you take look like a very symmetric representation of the mistakes of the culture in the past that believed in segregation, and subjugation, and degradation, and dehumanization. So look at us as a representation of what not to do, because right now you’re on the wrong path in terms of how to lead America [in] the way we need to go.”

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Ewan McGregor likes being his own worst enemy.

Twice on the big screen he’s double downed against himself, played opposing roles in the same film — first in 2005’s The Island as an evil designer and his good clone, and then in 2015’s Last Days in the Desert, playing both Jesus and the Devil. So we’re not surprised the 46-year old Scottish actor was lured to the small screen for his first-ever series TV role with the chance to play another double act in Fargo season 3.

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There are a lot of places off limits to contestants. When contestants wander down the beach to have private conversations or strategize with people from their tribe, there are sometimes strict limits to how far they can walk from camp. Producers try to limit their wandering space because contestants might run into something the crew members don’t want them to see, and whatever they come across could even ruin the game! Of course, they don’t want contestants to wander onto another tribes camp or see challenges beforehand and get an unfair advantage. There is also a nearby base camp for crew workers or camera camps around which are off limits so that interaction between crew members and contestants is limited.

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A post shared by Ryan Henry (@ryanhenrytattoo) on

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Photo published for 'Black Ink Crew' Star Dutchess' Ex Drags Her On Instagram Over Her New ManWhile many have been celebrating the reality star for finally moving on from ex Ceasar, another person came forward to spill a little tea that he too has been involved with Dutchess following her split with her fellow cast member, also explaining that he is definitely not here for her new relationship.

Check out the posts addressing Dutchess' new boo and old flame alike in the screengrabs below.
Taking to Instagram, the man who Dutchess allegedly hooked up with following her public break-up with Ceasar has since outed himself, claiming that he "never wanted to do this" but that he's "the one she been f***ing and sucking since June of last year."

Posting an old image of the two together, the man, who is now private on Instagram, made a bold claim, stating "I'm the reason she Broke up with the n***a cease in the first place.. made her give the ring back and all.. she came back and found the hottest n***a in the city and wanted to be my girl bc I never wanted to be in the spotlight she took advantage of our situation and I guess f**k with this Sanchez dude... BUT THE GAGG IS I WAS NEVER FAITHFUL EITHER. SORRY NOT SORRY."

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Jenna Lewis' became somewhat of a star after the show and even made regular appearances on Live With Regis and Kelly.


Lewis became even more famous when a sex tape leaked on the internet. The tape was meant to be for the private use of her and her husband, but you know how the internet works...

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If you’re not familiar with ABC’s ode to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then here’s a quick rundown: The series follows Phil Coulson (who definitely didn’t die in The Avengers — surprise!) as he reassembles the covert government organization: the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. Backed by his motley team of exemplary people, Coulson operates in the shadows of a world that’s dominated by Iron Man, Thor, and all those other guys.

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Deep Six (Or Not)

Clearly rattled by months of working alongside JBL and David Otunga, the usually dependable Mauro Ranallo forget the name of a basic Side Walk Slam on SmackDown.

Calling Corbin's slam the 'Deep Six', Mauro was then hastily corrected by none other than AJ Styles. Not convinced that the move was indeed one of Baron's signatures, AJ called Ranallo out for the botch.

There was something funny about this, Styles appeared legitimately concerned that Mauro would do such a thing. You try sitting next to the master of John O'Clock every week, AJ. This is what happens.

Poor Mauro.

King Ross Is More Athletic!

I push my fingers into my eyes again!

Next up, CJ pulled the world's worst roll from her bag of tricks. Far be it from the likes of us to question someone's athletic ability, but we're pretty sure King Ross could have rolled with more grace than Lunde did when attempting to get back inside the ring.

Even James Ellsworth was disgusted.

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Gail Kim
When Mickie James returned to WWE to compete on Smackdown LIVE, people speculated as to what her role would be with the company. She has an impressive legacy, and her NXT Women’s Championship match against Asuka proved she could still go with the best of them, but fans wondered: would she swoop in to capture SmackDown gold, or would she simply put younger talent over by ‘doing the favours'?

It seems pretty clear that the latter is the way WWE went, and it’s a role that could be filled well by a lot of the names on this list, not least one of the few female wrestlers to find greater success outside of the company than within it.

As a record tying six-time TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim has earned a great deal of acclaim for her TNA Hall of Fame run with Dixie Carter, but she never reached the same level of success in WWE despite winning the Women’s title on her first night.

Although her TNA contract recently fizzled out, Kim has publicly vowed never to return to WWE, due to her feeling that they were holding female talent back. But a lot has changed since her departure - the company’s women are arguably the best they’ve ever been, and have become an integral part of WWE programming.

As unlikely as it might seem, Gail Kim re-signing with WWE would be a huge boon for either RAW or SmackDown’s Women’s divisions.

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Who else still gets creeped out by the theme song? It's called "Secret" by The Pierces and it was actually suggested to the producers by Ashley Benson!

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