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Donald Trump is reportedly isolated and alone as he has driven away top advisers and steered the federal government into a shutdown, spending most of his time hiding out in his residence and watching more television than ever.

Trump is being widely blamed for the federal government shutdown that started at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, which came as he demanded that Congress provide funding for his border wall. Earlier in the week, Trump had signaled that he would keep the government open by signing a temporary funding measure that allowed the negotiations on the wall to continue. But he abruptly changed course, refusing to sign the bill after Democrats and Republicans had come together to pass it.

The pressure of the situation appears to be getting to the president. As a new a report from the New York Times noted, Trump is lashing out at his aides as his staff continues to shrink while also retreating back to his comforts in life.

“He spends ever more time in front of a television, often retreating to his residence out of concern that he is being watched too closely. As he sheds advisers at a head-spinning rate, he reaches out to old associates, complaining that few of the people around him were there at the beginning.”
“Now, the president who once declared that ‘I alone can fix’ the system increasingly stands alone in a system that seems as broken as ever.”
There were signs this week that Trump’s television-watching habits were affecting his policy decisions. Many said it was Fox News and other conservative media figures that influenced Trump to go back on his early signals and shut down the government, noting that Trump was being heavily criticized on some of his favorite programs, including Fox & Friends. Trump has been known to adjust his policy stances based on what he hears on Fox News, at some points even making declarations on Twitter that directly oppose the White House’s official stance.

Donald Trump will now have even more time to spend in his White House residence watching television. Amid the government shutdown, the White House announced that Trump had canceled his planned 16-day Christmas vacation at his Mar-a-Lago resort, remaining in Washington until the shutdown is averted. That could take quite a while longer, as Senators have gone home for the holiday and will not be back on Capitol Hill until December 27.

President Trump on Friday night tweeted an image of a proposed barrier for the US border that included tall steel slats with spikes on top.

Trump tweeted the image as Congress remained deadlocked over $5 billion in funding for the wall and Capital Hill braced for a government shutdown.

“A design of our Steel Slat Barrier which is totally effective while at the same time beautiful!” Trump tweeted.

The image depicted a Customs and Border Protection vehicle next to the “steel slats” which appear to be about 20 feet tall.

The simple rendering also includes a close-up of the proposed spikes top of the slats.

It wasn’t clear who had developed the design.

LeBron James has ripped NFL owners as he praised NBA commissioner Adam Silver for listening to players in the league.

James made the comments on Friday night’s episode of HBO’s “The Shop” which is co-executive produced by the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. James was speaking with Maverick Carter, his business partner, rapper Ice Cube, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and NFL star Todd Gurley.

The topic of the national anthem protests came up, and Gurley said it was a “touchy subject” among players. He noted that the protests were not being discussed as much this season compared to last year.

“It’s a touchy subject, some guys feel some type of way, some guys don’t and some guys honestly could give a f--- about how somebody else feels,” Gurley said. “But you don’t want to be that type of teammate or that type of guy.”

Lebron James 'wanted nothing to do with white people' in high schoolVideo
James said the NFL was attempting to exert control over its players

"In the NFL they got a bunch of old white men owning teams and they got that slave mentality," James said. "And it's like, 'This is my team. You do what the f--- I tell y'all to do. Or we get rid of y'all.’”

'The Shop' conversation featured NBA player Chris Bosh, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Maverick Carter, LeBron James, rapper Ice Cube and NFL player Todd Gurley

James praised Silver for allowing players in the NBA to express their opinions.

"I'm so appreciative in our league of our commissioner," James said. "He doesn't mind us having a real feeling and be able to express that. It doesn't even matter if Adam [Silver] agrees with what we are saying, he at least wants to hear us out. And as long as we are doing it in a very educational, non-violent way, then he's absolutely OK with it because at the end of the day the players are the one that makes the ship go.”

James continued that without players there would be no sport.

“The players are who make the ship go,” he said. “We make it go. Every Sunday, without Todd Gurley and without Odell Beckham Jr., without those players, those guys, there is no football. And it’s the same in the NBA.”

“The difference between the NBA and the NFL: the NBA is what we believe [a player] can be, the potential. In the NFL, it’s what can you do for me this Sunday or this Monday or this Thursday. And if you ain’t it, we moving on,” James said.

President Trump on Friday night tweeted an image of a proposed barrier for the US border that included tall steel slats with spikes on top.

Trump tweeted the image as Congress remained deadlocked over $5 billion in funding for the wall and Capital Hill braced for a government shutdown.

“A design of our Steel Slat Barrier which is totally effective while at the same time beautiful!” Trump tweeted.

The image depicted a Customs and Border Protection vehicle next to the “steel slats” which appear to be about 20 feet tall.

The simple rendering also includes a close-up of the proposed spikes top of the slats.

It wasn’t clear who had developed the design.

A black Ohio man said bank tellers refused to cash a paycheck from his new job, and then called 911 on him, because they were suspicious that he earned so much.

Paul McCowns tried to cash his first paycheck from a job with an electric company Dec. 1 at Huntington Bank in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn, reported WOIO-TV.

The paycheck was for a little more than $1,000, and McCowns and tellers confirmed he showed two forms of identification and a fingerprint, as required for non-Huntington customers.

But McCowns said bank employees started looking at a computer screen and questioning the transaction, and ultimately they refused to cash the check without speaking to his employer.

“They tried to call my employer numerous times,” McCowns said. “He never picked up the phone.”

McCowns left the bank, but employees called 911 on him and a police squad car pulled in front of his truck before he could drive away.

“He’s trying to cash a check and the check is fraudulent. It does not match our records,” a teller told the dispatcher, according to call records.

The teller admits McCowns did not know police had been called, and officers handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a police cruiser.

However, minutes later police contacted the black man’s employer and confirmed McCowns had worked there for three weeks — and made as much as his paycheck showed.

“My employer said, ‘Yes, he works for me, he just started and, yes, my payroll company does pay him that much,’” McCowns said.

Police confirmed his claims to the TV station, and McCowns said he cashed the check without trouble the following day at another Huntington location.

A bank representative told WOIO that branch had seen 11 cases of fraud in recent months, and tellers were hyper-vigilant as a result.

“We sincerely apologize to Mr. McCowns for this extremely unfortunate event,” the bank said in a statement. “We accept responsibility for contacting the police as well as our own interactions with Mr. McCowns. Anyone who walks into a Huntington branch should feel welcomed. Regrettably, that did not occur in this instance and we are very sorry.”

McCowns said he wanted an apology from the bank for what he sees as a case of racial profiling, and he wanted the tellers to face consequences, but a bank representative said he had not returned numerous calls.

A newly discovered blind and burrowing amphibian is to be officially named Dermophis donaldtrumpi, in recognition of the US president’s climate change denial.

The name was chosen by the boss of EnviroBuild, a sustainable building materials company, who paid $25,000 (£19,800) at an auction for the right. The small legless creature was found in Panama and EnviroBuild’s Aidan Bell said its ability to bury its head in the ground matched Donald Trump’s approach to global warming.

Trump’s distinctive hair has already led to comparisons to a poisonous furry caterpillar and a golden-plumed pheasant, while a yellow-crowned moth was called Neopalpa donaldtrumpi in 2017.

Climate change is already harming Americans’ lives, from wildfires to floods, and will get worse, according to a US government report published in November. Trump’s response to the report was: “I don’t believe it.”

The only event his administration put on at the recent UN climate summit in Poland extolled the virtues of fossil fuels, to cries of “shame on you” from protesters.

The newly discovered creature is a caecilian and its naming rights were auctioned to raise money for the Rainforest Trust. The scientists who found the 10cm amphibian have agreed to use the name Dermophis donaldtrumpi when they officially publish the discovery in scientific literature.

The 10cm-long amphibian Dermophis donaldtrumpi.

Bell said: “It is the perfect name. Caecilian is taken from the Latin caecus, meaning ‘blind’, perfectly mirroring the strategic vision President Trump has consistently shown towards climate change.”

As an amphibian, the shiny animal is particularly susceptible to the impacts of global warming and is therefore in danger of becoming extinct as a result of its namesake’s climate policies, the Rainforest Trust said.

Chris Redston, the executive director of Rainforest Trust UK, said: “Protecting the world’s remaining rainforests is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change, yet every day nearly 70,000 acres of rainforest are destroyed forever.

“This destruction is not only one of the main causes of climate change, but it is also having a devastating impact on endangered wildlife, indigenous communities and the planet’s weather patterns.”

The founder of a new dating app for supporters of President Trump says the company will sue liberals who try to join.

Christy Edwards Lawton, founder of the app Righter, told The Daily Beast in a story published Tuesday that her legal team is prepared to file lawsuits against leftists who try to infiltrate the platform after it launches later this month.

“I have a very nice legal team that will be handling that,” Lawton said. “This is zero tolerance.”

She acknowledged that it might be difficult to figure out the political leanings of a user but said deploying a legal team against Trump critics wouldn’t be detrimental to the dating site.

“Bring it on,” Lawton said. “This is ridiculous. They’re sitting here suing our president.”

Young Republicans have faced backlash on the dating scene in predominately blue cities such as Washington, D.C. Conservatives living and working in Washington have said they are often insulted and met with hostility on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Lawton, a former banker from Wyoming, said she was inspired to create Righter after hearing stories of conservative women being rejected on mainstream platforms because of their political beliefs.

“I kept hearing repeatedly how they kept getting swiped left on and couldn’t even get a date,” Lawton told The Daily Beast.

The app also breaks traditional dating app norms by allowing users to police each other, such as reporting men who don’t pay for the first date.
Righter users are not allowed to hide their age or photoshop their pictures, leaving people at risk of being kicked off the site for altering their images.

“Females make themselves look different, younger, thinner, better,” Lawton said. “That’s not going to happen on our app.”
Righter is not the only dating app geared toward conservatives.

DonaldDaters launched in October for Trump supporters but faced backlash after it leaked its entire database of users on its first day. The site is marketed toward Trump backers but said everyone was welcome.

“We encourage freethinking and welcome anyone to download and enjoy our community,” the website states.

While Righter and DonaldDaters are working to unite young Trump supporters, a liberal group launched an anti-Trump dating site earlier this year.

Political startup American Liberal Council created NeverTrump.Dating in March, "an all-inclusive, love-pairing dating site for those who oppose and resist President Donald Trump."

One aspect of Michael Cohen’s blockbuster plea deal hasn’t received as much attention as it deserves. It is the possibility that the Trump Organization and others, perhaps even including the president himself, might have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). These new facts and reports are yet more evidence that Donald Trump's business activities represent a clear-and-present threat to his presidency.

The revelations last week in connection with Cohen’s plea included the news that during his presidential campaign, Trump pursued a significant project in Russia and a report that Cohen, representing the Trump Organization, discussed with an assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman the idea that the developers would be interested in giving Putin the $50 million penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow. That is, of course, assuming they were allowed to build it.

If this report is true, this type of offer is not, as the president tweeted of the project as a whole, “very legal & very cool.” It is, instead, a possible FCPA violation.

US law says foreign officials can't be bribed

Trump has brazenly argued that this long-standing law is not fair because it prevents American business people from paying bribes in jurisdictions where others might. But the FCPA has been on the books for more than 40 years, and it has been aggressively enforced through Democratic and Republican administrations alike.

That is because, as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a speech last year on FCPA enforcement, “paying bribes may still be common in some places — but that does not make it right.”

The FCPA makes it a crime to corruptly offer anything of value to a government official for the purpose of “obtaining or retaining business.” The courts have defined “obtaining or retaining” broadly to include nearly any action that would serve a business purpose. The facts, if true, leave little room to question whether the Trump Organization was seeking to retain or obtain business given its efforts to receive government assistance to go forward with the project, and Cohen’s communications with a Putin aide to discuss that very issue.

In fact, special counsel Robert Mueller indicated as much in Cohen’s plea agreement. Cohen, speaking with the woman in Putin's press office, “requested assistance in moving the project forward” both in financing the project and in “securing land.” She reportedly asked detailed questions and explained that she would follow up “with others in Russia.”
Someone has made Trump-themed toilet brushes and is selling it on Esty for €21.40 (US$25).

The product will be shipped from New Zealand. The seller writes:

  • "Make Toilet Great Again, Commander In Crap."
  • "No president has had a Toilet Brush like my Toilet Brush!"
  • "I am automatically attracted to toilet bowls, I just start scrubbing, I just kiss, I don’t even wait and when your a toilet brush they let you do it."

And the product is selling quite well.
  • "NOTE: Due to the overwhelming response we have received we are currently looking at a 6-8 week arrival time for orders placed after 8am on 15 November."
  • "Please keep in mind I make these by hand and I want to thank everyone for their order and their patience."

And customers seem to be pretty satisfied with the product:

A high-ranking Facebook executive was allegedly forced to resign after refusing to back down on his support for Donald Trump - it has been revealed.

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey was said to have come under intense pressure from Facebook's leading figures after it emerged he had donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group during the 2016 Presidential election.

According to correspondence revealed by the Wall Street Journal, the revelation about his donation sparked a furore which saw him fired six months later.

Facebook higher-ups including founder Mark Zuckerberg himself were said to have attempted to pressgang Luckey into publicly supporting libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Palmer Luckey was reportedly fired by Facebook in March 2017 after it emerged he had donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group

Luckey founded Oculus VR in 2012 while still a teenager and sold it to Facebook two years later for more than $2billion, staying on as the company's head

Sources said after he refused to support Johnson to draw attention away from his donation, Luckey was put on indefinite leave, and eventually fired.

Zuckerberg, however, claimed Luckey's departure had nothing to do with politics while testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year. 

Shortly after his dismissal Luckey, 26, allegedly hired an employment lawyer who argued Facebook had violated California law in pressuring the executive to voice support for Mr. Johnson and for punishing an employee for political activity.

Luckey and his lawyer were then able to negotiate a payout of at least $100 million, in stock awards and bonuses he would have received until July 2019.

A Facebook spokeswoman said in an email: 'We can say unequivocally that Palmer's departure was not due to his political views. We're grateful for Palmer's contributions to Oculus, and we're glad he continues to actively support the VR industry.'

Zuckerberg denied Luckey had been fired because of his political views while testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year

Luckey began working for Facebook after his company Oculus VR was bought by the tech giant in 2014.

Only two years earlier Luckey had started Oculus while still a teenager, with a $2.4 million crowdfunding campaign.

The startup's eventual sale to Facebook in 2014 for more than $2 billion, was rumored to have netted the exec a cool $600 million and allowed him to stay on as head of the company.

The embattled tech genius is a longstanding supporter of President Trump having written to him in 2011 urging him to run for the White House.

Luckey has also previously stated he was inspired to become an entrepreneur at age 13 after being inspired by Trump's book 'The Art of the Deal'.

Facebook has come under intense scrutiny over its political affiliation in recent months, particularly with regards its role in the 2016 Presidential election.

Mark Zuckerberg has previously testified to the Senate that the generally left-leaning company didn't let its politics affect its content moderation.

Republican lawmakers accused the tech giant of censoring conservative news and views during a congressional hearing in July this year.

Earlier this month, Trump himself accused social networks of interfering in the 2016 presidential election and November's midterm elections.

'I mean the true interference in the last election was that — if you look at all, virtually all of those companies are super liberal companies in favor of Hillary Clinton,' Trump said.

'Maybe I did a better job because I'm good with the Twitter and I'm good at social media, but the truth is they were all on Hillary Clinton's side, and if you look at what was going on with Facebook and with Google and all of it, they were very much on her side.'

Former first lady Michelle Obama said that her oft-admired friendship with former President George W. Bush serves as a reminder of how relationships should be during a time when America only sees all the "nasty parts" of political discourse.

In an interview released Wednesday on NBC, Obama told Bush's daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, who is also a correspondent on "Today," that her relationship with Bush "reminds us that we can get there with the right leadership and with the right tone setting and with each of us giving one another the benefit of the doubt."

"I'd love if we as a country could get back to the place where we didn't demonize people who disagreed with us," she added.

Bringing up a famous photo of the former president and Obama sharing a hug in 2016, Bush Hager asked Obama about her friendship with Bush.

"It's so interesting how people are so interested in y'all's friendship. I mean that hug was, like, the hug that went around the world," Bush Hager said. "Why do you think people are so hungry for that, though?" she asked Obama.

"Because I think the political discourse, the way it's shown in the media, is -- it's all the nasty parts of it. You know?" Obama replied. "Because I guess we've become a culture where the nasty sells. So people are just going to keep feeding that."

Although Obama and Bush don't always agree on things, Obama said, she still considered the former president a "beautiful, funny, kind, sweet man."

Hip hop icon Snoop Dogg had some choice words for President Donald Trump, as he smoked a blunt in front of the White House in a series of videos posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday. The videos depict Snoop riding in a car in Washington, D.C. before stopping to smoke in a park across the street from the presidential residence.

Snoop Dogg: ‘I Had 2 Do It’

In the first video, titled “I had 2 do it pt1,” Snoop is in the passenger seat of a car as it drives past the White House.

“There go the White House right there, huh?” Snoop asks his driver. “All them motherfuckers are Secret Service, huh? Wish I could get out and take a picture right now, but you can’t park, huh? Fuck it, let me out, n****. Let me get a picture in front of this motherfucker, man. I’m Snoop Dogg, n****. Fuck the president!” says Snoop as he begins to get out of the car.

The next clip, “I had 2 do it pt 2,” opens with Snoop sitting on a park bench across the street from the White House. After cheerfully greeting an elderly passerby, Snoop turns to the camera.

“Look here and let me tell you about Snoop Dogg. That n**** don’t give a fuck, man,” he exclaims. “White House action!”

The second video then ends with Snoop agreeing to take pictures with approaching fans.

“I had @ do it pt 3” opens with Snoop in the same park, walking along a brick path and firing up a blunt as he approaches a bench. After sitting down, Snoop again expresses his feelings about Trump.

“While the n***** are posing and doing all this other bullshit, I’m at the White House fittin’ to smoke. Fuck the president!”

In a fourth Instagram video, Snoop has returned to his Washington, D.C. hotel room to relax and, of course, smoke some more.

“Back from the White House. Everything is smooth, baby!” he says while chuckling and exhaling smoke. “Back in my room watching Netflix. Netflix and chill. Sometimes you just got to do it. I had to do it.”

Bloomberg has revealed in its recently published report that a nation-state has launched a significant supply chain attack. It is believed to be one of the largest corporate spying and hardware hacking campaigns ever launched by a nation-state. The espionage campaign is launched through a very small surveillance chip, which is only the size of a grain of rice. This chip is hidden in the servers currently in use by about 30 US firms including the bigwigs Apple, Amazon, and Elemental.

According to Bloomberg, these chips weren’t part of the server motherboard originally. These have been designed by Super Micro, a US-based firm. Reportedly, the malicious chips were inserted when the server motherboards were undergoing manufacturing process, which was carried out in China by their subcontractors.

Amazon notified the US authorities about the discovery, which sent shockwaves across the intelligence fraternity since these servers are also in use at the Department of Defense data centers, the Navy warships’ onboard networks, and the drone operations from the CIA.

The probe has been active for over three years and investigators believe that the chips have been inserted to let the attackers get an entry to any network that is connected to the servers. This attack is a lot more serious and severe than other software-based attacks identified so far considering that hardware attacks are quite difficult to identify immediately, and by the time these are, a lot of information has been leaked. Spy agencies are the most important beneficiaries of such campaigns and are keen on investing into such a campaign.

The report suggests that Chinese-government sponsored groups infiltrated the supply chain for installing tiny surveillance chips. The devices then were deployed by mainstream US firms as well as the US military, US intelligence agencies, and many other important organizations. Apple, however, discovered the chips installed in Super Micro servers in 2015 after identifying firmware issues and suspicious network activities.

Although the chips were tiny these are capable of performing two key tasks; firstly, the chips can force the device to communicate with an anonymous computer anywhere on the internet, which may be loaded with complex code. Secondly, the chips can prepare the device to accept the new code.

Naturally, the Chinese government is believed to be involved in this campaign, and the primary objective seems to be to spy on US firms and the military.

However, after the report was published, Amazon, Apple, and Super Micro all denied the claim from Bloomberg. Apple stated that it hasn’t ever identified malicious chips on the server motherboards from Super Micro or any other hardware manipulations resulting from the planting of tiny chips. The company also denied contacting the FBI or any other investigation agency regarding finding tiny surveillance chips.

Amazon also claims that the story from Bloomberg is untrue and denied anything related to identifying a supply chain compromise or hardware hack. It also denied contacting the FBI for investigation of the incident.

Super Micro and Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry also denied the findings of the report.
A simple exchange between a man and a boy on the New York City subway is getting viral and melting hearts across the internet.

Some videos that were uploaded to Facebook by Kia Tatiyana Davis, a man can be seen playing some kind of game on his phone.

The clip shows an adorable young boy fascinated by the phone being held by the much larger adult sitting next to him.

As the adult continues to playing with his phone, the young boy looks on, like he is about to giving him some advice.

Suddenly, the man looks over and hands his device over to the little passenger beside him much to his delight

When you think about it, it’s nothing grand. But when you really stop and think about it, the gesture is quite thoughtful. Simply thinking about the time when we were kids, we couldn’t wait for someone to give us a source of entertainment when we were bored or during long rides. But even now, everyone is so caught up on their business that giving their phone away for even a few minutes, especially to someone you don’t know, would seem like a challenge.

But this guy didn’t really mind. He saw the chance of doing a kind little gesture and took it.

Kia Tatiyana Davis posted the video on her social media account and it gathered around 700,000 views and is expected to gather even more.
Trump's  allies and authorized consultants confronted new questions on Sunday concerning the authorized ramifications of the revelation that the president dictated a letter a few 2016 assembly between his marketing campaign aides and a Russian lawyer, whilst his legal professionals argue he cannot hinder justice within the particular counsel’s probe.

Jay Sekulow said time and time again directly into the faces of the American Individuals on tv -Sarah Sanders did the same thing, and said in no uncertain terms... they said the president had nothing to do with that statement by Donald Trump Jr. and didn't draft it, didn't sign off on it," former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said on CNN's "State of the Union."

And it turns out that is completely untrue," he said.
"You have the lawyer of the president of the United States Jay Sekulow - and, on separate occasions, you have had Rudy Giuliani do this - basically lie to the American people repeatedly," Bharara said

Bharara - who was fired by Trump last year - added that, when looked at in full context, the events surrounding the Trump Tower meeting and subsequent fallout may put the president or some of his allies in legal jeopardy.

"And if you are going to take the position, like they do in the sweeping letter about executive authority, that the president is in a special position in various ways, then I think the lawyers to the president have a special responsibility not to come on television and lie."

The New York Times reported Saturday that Trump's lawyers wrote to special counsel Robert Mueller in January arguing that the president cannot commit obstruction of justice in the special counsel's probe because of his constitutional authority over the investigation.

The New York Times reported Saturday that Trump’s lawyers wrote to special counsel Robert Mueller in January arguing that the president cannot commit obstruction of justice in the special counsel’s probe because of his constitutional authority over the investigation.

The letter also confirms that Trump dictated a statement to The New York Times about a now infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr., other Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Jay Sekulow, one among Trump’s attorneys who wrote the letter to Mueller, beforehand denied that the president had any involvement with the assertion. 

White Home Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated final August that Trump could have given recommendations on the assertion “as any father would,” however denied that he dictated it.

The assembly, and any coordinated cover-up, has been one level of focus in Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling within the 2016 presidential election. The altering narrative surrounding these occasions is prone to increase new authorized questions, regardless of the president’s lawyer’s assertions about obstruction of justice.

Giuliani, who joined Trump's legal team in April, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday that Sekulow was "uninformed" when he originally denied Trump had anything to do with crafting the statement.

In appearances Sunday morning on NBC and ABC, Giuliani also used the shifting explanation surrounding the Trump Tower meeting to bolster his argument for why the president should not agree to an interview with Mueller.

"That's the wisdom of not having a president testify," he said. "It's one thing to do it with a lawyer, it's another to do it with your client."

For months, Mueller's team has sought a sit-down interview with Trump for his investigation. Trump's legal team has sought to quell the possibility, fearing that he could be charged with lying to investigators or that prosecutors could seek to use the president's personal phrases opposite to him.

Corey Lewandowski, who worked as Trump's campaign manager at the time of the meeting - though he did not attend - was not asked about the statement during an interview on "Fox information Sunday

Republican Majority Chief Kevin McCarthy
(R-Calif.) averted the topic fully when requested whether or not he is bothered that the White Home lied about Trump’s involvement within the aftermath of the assembly.

Instead, he renewed calls for an expedited conclusion to Mueller's probe if no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is found.

"What I am really concerned about is, look at what our economic numbers are. Look at North Korea's meeting going through. Look at the trade discussions we are having. And this is the number one question we are following through?" McCarthy said on CNN.

“Allow them to stroll by means of their investigation,” he added. “However I feel, if there isn’t any collusion, it is time to wind this down,” he added. 

U.S President Donald Trump says the scheduled June 12 summit with North Korea in Singapore will go ahead.

After a period of time of  hard-nosed  bargaining, diplomatic gamesmanship and no shortage of theatrics, President Donald Trump announced   Friday that the historic nuclear-weapons summit he had canceled with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is back on.

The June 12 meeting in Singapore, the first between heads of the technically still-warring nations, is meant to begin the activity of ending North Korea’s nuclear program, and Trump said he trust Kim is committed to that goal.

 The announcement puts back on track a high-risk summit that could be a legacy-defining moment for the American leader, who has matched his unconventional deal-making style with the mercurial Kim government.

We are going to deal and we are really going to start a process, Trump told reporters on Friday. “Remember what I say, we will see what we will see.

The Kim Yong-chol was greeted at the White House by chief of staff John Kelly and then whisked into the Oval Office. He is the most senior North Korean to visit the White House in 18 years, a highly symbolical  sign of easing tensions after concern of war escalated amid North Korean nuclear and missile tests last year.

Trump said to reporters he had not  yet read the letter from the North Korean leader and added with a smile, “I may be in for a big surprise, people .” But minutes earlier, he had described the note as “a very interesting letter,” and teased journalists about revealing its contents.

Trump has promised that he will provide security for Kim and his government in return for giving up the nuclear program. He also indicated that South Korea, China, and Japan would be prepared to invest in the North to boost its besieged economy.
The first lady was last seen in public on 10 May, four days before she was hospitalised to treat a kidney condition.
The White House says Melania Trump won't join her husband when he heads to the Camp David presidential retreat for the weekend.
President Donald Trump is scheduled to head to the Maryland retreat on Friday afternoon, but his wife won't be seen boarding the presidential helicopter with him.
Her unavailability  will mark 22 straight days without a public appearance by the first lady following a recent hospitalisation.
On May 14, she was checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for what her spokesperson  Stephanie Grisham described in a news release as “an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.

The treatment was “successful and there were no situation ,” per Grisham, but Trump stayed in the hospital for nearly a week.
She hasn't  been seen publicly since the premature hours of May 10, when she joined the President at Andrews Air Force Base to welcome three American detainees home from North Korea.
She has, however, posted on social media multiple times since the procedure.

The White House announced four days later that Mrs Trump had been hospitalised to treat a kidney condition. She stayed five days before returning to the White House.

I see the media is working overtime wonder where I am & what I’m doing.
On Thursday night, she tweeted: “I’m here at the White House with my family, feeling good, & working hard on behalf of children and the American people !

It’s unclear when Trump will make a public appearance, but Grisham insisted Friday, “She is good, she is doing great.

Minnesota businessman spends weekend at Mar-a-Lago talking politics.

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell took a break when he chatted with the Supreme Commander of Mar-a-Lago with an F-rating from the Better Business Bureau on the Easter weekend.

Trump told Lindell to use one of the Minnesota company's products

"The President shook my hand and said to me, 'You're doing a wonderful job, Michael.'
Donald Trump at the White House.

MyPillow had to settle a case of nine lawyers in the California district for a million dollars.

The pillows that are mostly online or sold through TV commercials were also the subject of a lawsuit alleging that the headrests had health benefits.

Lindell went from super  addict to slumber millionaire whose cushion empire was upgraded by h eavily advertising on Fox News – one of the President's favorite networks.

Lindell himself was a staunch advocate of the network and its personalities.

Lindell, seen with Trump in July, said he chatted with the president in Florida over the weekend.

Lindell, founder of Chaska-based MyPillow, joined the president and other supporters for dinner Saturday.

While other guests at the Florida estate reportedly spent the weekend pressing the president to take a harder stance on issues like immigration, Trump and Lindell focused on softer topics.

Lindell was a guest of the President at a July 2017 White House event for US-American makers, during which the businessman put one of his pillows on the table.

The Better Business Bureau of Minneapolis and North Dakota think differently.

In January 2017, the Trade Supervisor revoked MyPillow accreditation – categorizing his rating to an "F" that still exists.

"Michael was a supporter of ours right from the beginning, which I really appreciate," Trump said in July. "It's good to see you here. It's fantastic. And I actually bought a couple of pillows, and they're very good."

Lindell also took to Twitter to say that he, unlike some other advertisers, would not be yanking MyPillow ads from Fox host Laura Ingraham's program after she taunted a survivor of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

Lindell said he and his girlfriend, who asked not to be identified, traveled to the Trump estate for dinner Saturday. The food, he said, was "awesome.

MyPillow had misunderstood the sale in a "buy-one, get-one-free" bid, the consumer rights group said.

WASHINGTON—A federal judge Judge Peter Messitte Wednesday allowed Maryland and the District of Columbia to proceed with their lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of accepting unconstitutional gifts from foreign interests, but limited the case to the president's involvement with the Trump International Hotel in Washington,  but will not include visits to Mar-a-Lago in Florida or other Trump properties.
[A] large number of Maryland and District of Columbia residents are being affected and will continue to be affected when foreign and state governments choose to stay, host events, or dine at the Hotel rather than at comparable Maryland or District of Columbia establishments, in whole or in substantial part simply because of the President's association with it," Messitte writes.
Messitte also notes that one of Trump's argument in the case, that only Congress can approve or bar the president from receiving emoluments, is "particularly concerning," because Congress can be controlled by the same party as the president and choose to do nothing.

secretary of white house press Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during her daily briefing that she "can't comment on ongoing litigation."

A spokesperson for the Trump Organization answered to Wednesday's order saying that the court has yet to rule on additional arguments, "which we believe should result in a complete dismissal."

In December, a federal judge in New York ruled that plaintiffs in two other emoluments suits lacked standing, so dismissed the case.
President Trump is signing a memorandum to impose about $60bn in tariffs on Chinese goods and limit the country's investment activity in the US as payback for what it alleges is years of unfair intellectual property theft.

An administration official said the administration's 301 investigation identified Chinese efforts to steal or coerce US companies into disclosing their intellectual property.
The White House said the actions come after years of failed talks about the issue.The move is the latest effort by Washington to grapple with competition from China's state-led economy.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticised China for hurting America's economy.
Deputy director of the National Economic Council Everett Eissenstat, who was also on the call, said that USTR will publish a "long list" of proposed Chinese imports within 15 days. A notice and comment period will then open up for stakeholder input. 

The Treasury department has until 60 days from memorandum's signing to submit recommendations for a final list of tariffs.

The tariffs, senior officials say, will be designed to offset "the gains that the Chinese have received through unfair trade practices."

The memorandum will also direct the Treasury department to make recommendations on restrictions to Chinese investments to the President within 60 days. While the tariffs will be imposed unilaterally, Eissenstat also said that Trump will direct the World Trade organization to "address China's discriminatory licensing practices."

Beyond the threat of a far-reaching trade war, economists have warned US consumers are likely to bear the cost of the tariffs and worries about Chinese retaliation are mounting.

"A trade war does no good to anyone. There is no winner," China's Premier Li Keqiang said at a news conference in Beijing in anticipation of the Trump administration's tariff action.
The Trump administration, though, has said it is simply taking long-overdue action following years of unfair Chinese trading practices that they argue previous administrations have insufficiently countered.


China: We will hit back
According to the Wall Street Journal, China is preparing to hit back with tariffs aimed at President Donald Trump's support base. Beijing has renewed a warning that it will retaliate if President Donald Trump goes through with plans

"China will certainly take all necessary measures to resolutely defend its legitimate rights and interests," if the United States imposes new restrictions, the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on Thursday.

This would include levies targeting US agricultural exports from Farm Belt states.

China is also the biggest creditor of the United States: It owns more US government bonds than any other country. It recently cut some of its US debt holdings, though investors don't expect China to immediately dump its US debt. China has repeatedly said that it doesn't want a trade war but warned that it would take "firm and necessary" countermeasures if necessary.

"It's unrealistic and unreasonable to demand complete equality in trade," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters on Thursday. "We hope that both sides can sit down and talk calmly."

"China’s countermeasures will be extraordinary and unconventional," said Gao Zhikai, a former Beijing-based diplomat and former vice president of crude oil giant CNOOC Ltd. "The reported $50 billion of tariffs against China are weapons of mass destruction for trade. They will violate WTO rules and leave no way out for China."

"China will absolutely not sit back watching its rights and interests be damaged," said an unnamed official in charge of the ministry's treaty and law department, Xinhua reports.