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A meat-loving inciter stirred up passersby at a vegan food festival by eating a raw veal heart while wearing a shirt that says "Go vegan and die."

Isn't it nice when opposing sides can come together and share ideas in a measured, non-threatening manner?

According to a spokesperson for the festival, the dude kicked off his bizarre, pro-meat protest in the middle of an event for kids—because apparently all the kids with fully-formed opinions on factory farming or whatever needed to be taught a lesson. Soon a few participants complained to the cops, and the guy wound up getting questioned by the police while he eat his hunk of dead animal.

"It ruined our health," the man says at one point when questioned about his protest. "I was vegan and almost died. They're making everybody sick."

YouTube user sv3rige's now-viral video has racked up nearly 375,000 views. In its description, he wrote, "vegans are malnourished" and "they hate nature."

Police eventually confronted sv3rige after receiving numerous complaints from attendees, but no arrests were made.

“While it is of course not forbidden to eat raw meat, it was of course a shocking sight because there was a puddle of blood and fat,” the festival spokesperson said.
A bizarre video has emerged showing a rat living with a sapling soybean plant growing out of its back.

The footage showed that the rat seems to be in immense pain and struggling to move with the growth and wasn’t able to escape when people comes to inspect it.

Farmer Datar Singh, who discovered the unfortunate rat, had planted a soya bean crop on his farm in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh in India earlier this year.

He was inspecting his crop when he found the rat on 7 August.

The witnesses tried to turn the rat over to check how did it happened but they ended up to have no clue at all.

At first, Datar think that it was just a prank but upon check, he realized it was the real thing and believed that a soy bean seed must have fallen into an open wound on the rat’s back and started developing and begun to grow.

The head of the department of biology at a college in nearby Barnagar, Professor A Siddiqui, revealed that the plant could have caused the rodent to suffer even more.

“It’s a miracle. Though the plant had grown in the region near the neck, there was no brain damage,” he said.

Since the video was uploaded, Singh and his friends have removed the plant from the animal’s back and the rodent since been recovering from its injuries.
Who here is not a fan of Star Wars? The very idea of the amazing galactic movie was a blockbuster thought in the first place, and so, here we have brought to you the original concept art of the epic Star Wars! And you shouldn't miss it for the world! So scroll down right now, and enjoy the creative illustration of artist Ralph McQuarrie.

The Original Concept Art for Star Wars by artist Ralph McQuarrie.

The Original Concept Art for Star Wars by artist Ralph McQuarrie.

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So you think you know everything there is to know about the star wars? Oh! you might as well help us here. 
While waiting for the new star wars starring chewie and Hans Solo, we dug a little something. 
A few things that were never clear. A few things that were perhaps not answered at all. 
Like I said, help us or just keep solving! 

Let's Unleash The Mysteries Together!

#1. Meanwhile, what was Obi-Wen Kenobi doing on Tatooine?

Let's Unleash The Mysteries Together!
Many fan made tales, but no confirmation story as of yet.
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On that one toke too many 
On that one toke too many:

On Fear

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We are all aware of Vladimir Putin. That incident of a plane being shot down in Turkey once again showed how popular, or rather, infamous Putin is. He has been called the person of the year because of his power and his charisma, and, well, maybe he's immortal too? Yes, he might be only getting the spotlight now, but these images seem to indicate that he has been living far longer than we have initially. Maybe this is the secret power of Mother Russia?

The Three Putins

The Three Putins

Yes, it is obviously just a conspiracy, but the resemblance is uncanny. They've got Putin's familiar stare, seemingly uninterested yet ready to punch you in the gut.


The first photo was taken almost 100 years ago, back in 1920. It might just be an innocent soldier, but what if this was Putin preparing his rise as a leader of Russia? Oh my.

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This parking ticket
This lovely story has gone viral in the last 24 hours, as an Australian woman came back to her car in a hospital to find a parking ticket and this note:
"Hi there, I saw your car had a parking ticket on it, I’m sure whatever you are going through at hospital is tough enough, so I have paid for you.
The woman had spent the past few days in hospital with her 9 week old son and this little act of kindness has put a smile on the face of so many.
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Remember Daredevil? The movie with Ben Affleck that nobody liked? Originally, Matt was going to play the superhero!

Even with Matt playing Matt Murdock, nothing could have saved that movie. NOTHING.

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The reported sensations are that of immobile legs and arms.
The reported sensations are that of immobile legs and arms.
You feel something is making a move towards you and you begin choking. Then, you sit up, find nothing around you and start thinking about what just happened.

It's definitely extremely frightening.
It's definitely extremely frightening.
Some have even experienced a hand around their neck.

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Romanian Piper, 1910

This particular crojoc – an embroidered sleeved sheepskin coat – is much plainer than the shepherd’s version, making it a more practical, work-oriented coat, suggesting that the subject is of the working class, given the lack of decoration and the straw hat. The waistcoat, known as a pieptar, is worn by both men and women, and smaller waistcoats were made from lambskin.

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When it comes to stunning and surreal landscapes, look no further than Southern China's rice fields, amazing rice fields which appear more like abstract paintings than actual photographs.

It might sound like a completely 'out there' idea, but development of a wearable drone camera has begun and it looks as awesome as it sounds. The drone which can be worn around the wrist will be capable of taking off whilst you are wearing it, flying away, taking an epic selfie and then flying back again. 

The Nixie is currently a finalist in Intel's competition that is encouraging the development of new wearable technology which is where the future seems to be heading. The Nixie is still in development so it's still a little rough around the edges, but we can see that the potential is huge.
We can already see a huge divide in opinion over this device, but for those addicted to selfies and people that love taking pictures we can see this being a real hit. Lets hope it becomes available to buy soon.

Artist Calvin Seibert uses sand in order to create architecturally inspired sculptures and geometrically precise shapes that will leave you in amazement. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture the professional sculptor creates sand sculptors so perfect they'll leave you wondering why you ever bothered with your bucket and spade as a kid.
What you see below is just the latest works that make up a much larger collection of sand sculptures.